Nvidia receive's their graphics crown back: first 9800GX2 review

VGChartz via PC Online reports that with AMD's release of the 3870x2 and Nvidia's 9800GTX not performing as highly as it was touted there was one final contender for the crown Nvidia had to throw out. That contender was the 9800GX2 and it has allowed Nvidia to get back the top spot in the graphics race.

In the 9800GX2's first review, by the Japanese tech site PC Online, even with very poor beta drivers, which has poor AA/AF support and no Quad-SLI support yet, the card pushed past the 3870x2 in every test.

As you can see the 9800GX2 can even run Crysis at very playable speeds. Now could you imagine how playable Crysis will be with this card running in SLi, tri-SLI, or Quad-SLi?

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mighty_douche3561d ago

Now it just come's down to price. ATI's offing is bad for the money, I hope this isn't much more because i reeeeeally want one.

xsteinbachx3561d ago

i've already posted the price in another article here you go.

mighty_douche3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Thanks a lot! Bubble's bro!

edit: quite a bit more huh!

xsteinbachx3560d ago

Yah... i'm pretty sure you have to give up your first born just to be concidered to purchase it.

novaIS3503561d ago

I swear a new f-ing video card comes out every f-ing weak. Thats why I stopped modding my PC and stuck with console gaming. I have bills to pay, a lexus to f-ing pay for. I can't afford to buy a new video card every month. At least processors are updated every 6months to a year. Really think about it, what PC games other than Crysis (far cry 2) need 3 of these 500 dollar video cards?!

TheIneffableBob3561d ago

Wow, you are really misinformed. Seriously misinformed.
Who or what is forcing you to buy a new graphics card every year? My two year old 7900GT is still playing the latest games at high settings (except for Crysis).

If you have so many things that you have to pay for, then maybe gaming in general is not for you.

Charlie26883561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

@TheIneffableBob: dude dont waste time with that guy he is the usual bitter hater and every single word of his post screams "I dont have a clue what I am talking about!!!" -_-

Rageanitus3561d ago

Serioulsy ive had my x1900 for 2.5 years now... Im not complaining.

You have video card every 3 months if only you buy those sub 120$ vid cards...... but those vid cards are not geared for gamers. If you sped 500 dollars on a vid card it will last you a good 2-3 years.

Yes it is more expensive than a console but if you do the calculations its really not that much more.

My x1900xtxt in gears looks and runs smoother at higher res (1600 x 1050) than the xbox version. Not trying to rant but Im tired of console fanboys basically giving the one sided view of things. YOu have to look at pc platform as a powerful entertaining system that can do alot more than just gaming.

JDW3561d ago

The 9800GX2 has not been released yet and so these benchmark results were probably obtained using only beta drivers.....hence the reason that AA scores are not always present. After the drivers mature a little the peformance of the 9800GX2 should also increase.

@Jesus H...........Just because a new card is released does not mean the card you bought 3 months ago is obsolete.

In fact it means quite the opposite.......all the 8800 series cards are last gen now and will probably come down in price. Buying an 8800GT or GTS (G92) in the next couple of months will give you "better performance than any console" for around or under $200.

Skerj3561d ago

They never lost it, I've never gone with ATI and oddly enough AMD's aquisition was worse for both parties.

JDW3561d ago

when the 3870X2 card was released it was faster than the nVidia cards.....but now the high-end will be dominated by nVdia again.

Tyrael3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

AMD and ATI will counter with something eventually. And then Nvidia will counter again. Its a rollercoaster ride thats great for consumers from a performance perspective. Remember, the powerhouse known as the AMD Athlon X2 took business away from Intel, and the competition is the reason behind Core 2 performance.

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