J-Stars Victory Vs: Screenshots, First Analysis

12 screenshots of Naruto, Goku, Luffy, and Toriko from Namco Bandai's latest anime game.

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tayz2076d ago

i hope madara and bills are in this game to fight naruto and goku!

Snookies122076d ago

That would be sick, Madara and Bills. I dunno though, for DBZ, I'd be happy with Buu or Cell as well.

tayz2076d ago

I picked Bills cause I never played with him before. Buu and Cell have been in every DBZ game. Would like them too but in addition to Bills!

admiralvic2076d ago

I sure hope not... This game is about Jump's 45th, not the popularity of a few series and with this in mind I rather see them make the cast as diverse as possible. The only real exceptions I would accept are something like Raoh or Dio, but beyond that I would be sad to see Madara and confused to see Bills (I mean he never even appeared IN Jump...),

Anyway, diversity is what made Jump Stars great, so I would like to see more of that and less of people asking for 5 - 20 characters from those 4 series.

miyamoto2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Region Free Exclusive Japanese PlayStation games like these are the reason why I got the PS3.

I knew from the start that Japan will make lots of my preferred Japanese type of games on PS3 and I am so very happy to have made the right decision and choice.

I got the best of both East and West on PS3.

And the same is guaranteed on PS Vita and PS4.

tayz2076d ago

me too. this will be the first game i ever import.

BlueEye2076d ago

Can I get my dream team of Frieza/Orochimaru? Team Creepy Pedos!

Pyro2000x2076d ago

I love that this game is not coming to the Wiik U or Xbox 720p

Jetstreame2075d ago

I'm happy it's coming to the only region free console.