Top 10 Things We Hate About Gaming

At any moment, one of these ten things or people could ruin your video game experience.

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Boldy3695d ago

Those peripheral packages are hard as hell to open. I just about broke my scissors trying to open one up.

novaIS3503695d ago

I've cut my hand really bad trying to open one of those plastic packages. I've accidentally cut through Ethernet cables, HDMI cables etc.etc. You guys do know that a large percentage of the MSRP is attributed to the packaging... right? In essence the consumers are paying for pretty packaging.

cr33ping_death3695d ago

that "non-descript white box" is quite popular at my UPS HUB....... hell i was all smiles when one of my co-workers saw it and said and i quote " Ah an xbox, you know youll be waiting a good while before its returned to you right?" most if not all the drivers know whats inside of those boxes.

the packaging for some of the accessories does seem a bit much.....luckily i have box cutters at home which makes the job that much easier : )

Electronic Arts3695d ago

Why arn't I in that article?

novaIS3503695d ago

f-ing right man. EA is a douchebag. Pass it on!

So Funny.

SKUD3695d ago

I was wondering the same thing!.

resistance1003695d ago

Thats the packing you got for Eye Of Judgement in the US. Over here we had great packaging for EOJ

meepmoopmeep3695d ago

damn, your EoJ package rocks compared to ours. i'm only getting the Eye alone, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.