Mortal Kombat PC Announcement Imminent, Steam Directory Updated Last Friday

DSOGaming writes: "It's a great day today everyone. It seems that NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros will be announcing the PC version of Mortal Kombat 9 in the coming days, as the game's Steam directory has been updated last Friday."

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Th3 Chr0nic1744d ago

i was very disapointed when i saw how awesome injustice is but no PC version. SO this news is really good, esp for me since ive been a Mk fan since the very first one when i was barely tall enuff to play the arcade cabinet.

john21744d ago

IMO, there is a chance for a PC version of Injustice. If MK sells well, then I don't see why NetherRealms wouldn't like to port it

NYC_Gamer1744d ago

I hope its a quality port and not some rushed quick cash grab for MK fans sake

john21744d ago

@NYC_Gamer: Now that's the big question. MK Arcade Collection was an awful port. It would have been a great addition to PC's fighting catalogue, however the port was so bad that it was better to stick with MAME. Here is hoping that NetherRealm won't screw things up

Th3 Chr0nic1744d ago

I yea you guys on the port concerns. I was about to buy Mk arcade collection but then i read about all the problems and didnt even bother.

john21744d ago

@Th3 Chr0nic: Yeap, it's really unfortunate that MK Arcade suffered from idiotic issues. NetherRealm is not familiar with the PC platform, but that game lacked basic features (like the ability to map the keys)

Skate-AK1744d ago

The MK Arcade Collection was crappy on console also so I can see why the port would be just as bad.

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Smashbro291744d ago

All I'm saying is this had better be the GOTY.

john21744d ago

If Amazon's earlier listing is anything to go by, then yes: MK PC will be the GOTY Edition

Software_Lover1744d ago

*evil laugh*


Just another edition to my Mame Cabinet. Cant wait.

kevnb1744d ago

Why did they wait so long?

Zha1tan1744d ago

Will play but I really will need to hook up my PS3 controller to play this one for PC.

Cannot stand that xbox D pad for fighters.

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