First 15 Minutes of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Leaked

4Player-"Somehow (don't even ask because we have no idea) YouTube user eaglesblades has gotten himself a copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and put it up on youtube for all to see. I'll have more as time goes on but you can watch the first bit of the 80s VHS Sci-fi for yourself."

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maniacmayhem1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

What a great use of the Far Cry 3 mechanics.

The song from Predator was such a lovely touch that a tear ran down my face.

Pure 80's nostalgia. This game looks like it was made with so much love, this is how next gen games need to be. Not these hyper graphics, huge million dollar budget games.

Next time though I wish the guy playing the game would shut up.

user76939581418d ago

where is the leak? any other link??

thechosenone1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

here's a backup copy, direct download. it's an mp4 file not zipped or anything, if it gets pulled I'll upload another copy. enjoy!

silenius1417d ago

is Brilliant! Kudos to Ubisoft for making it.
I will definitely pick this up on steam sales :D

user76939581417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

thanks and bubbles! downloading it!
loved fc3.. who will not?
I hope this one is for the PS4! but i will not mind if is PS3 only it looks good enough and plays smooth.
Looks good! I will get it if the plot is good.. it depends on it.. if not i will wait for FC4 on next gen consoles..

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phinch1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

also there is a lot of inspiration from terminator in this

Snookies121418d ago

This guy cusses too much... I was just skipping around on the video and every time it would stop I'd hear F--- or S---, it really doesn't make people sound mature, if anything it has the opposite effect in my opinion. :\

PockyKing1418d ago

Unsurprisingly, that's most gamers when you play online haha :P

Root1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Oh for the love of god can we please just have some solid single player DLC for FC3.

This is just Ubisoft trying to use the success of Far Cry 3 to sell a downloadable game they've made

Muffins12231418d ago ShowReplies(2)
PockyKing1418d ago

And it looks pretty damn fun, so what are you complaining about again?

Root1418d ago

Because it's not Far Cry 3 DLC....something fans actually want.

It's a totally differnt game...again why call it Far Cry. It's just to sell the game more.

I want to see more bounty missions, more vehicles, more animals to hunt, a new storyline, more side quests, more skills to learn. I could go on.

ZodTheRipper1418d ago

He can be lucky to only have 3 bubbles so he can't post here anymore and get even more negative feedback. This game looks like the best thing they could do with Far Cry 3.

Using this awesome engine and changing the scenery to something completely different but interesting while also keeping the core gameplay people loved about the original intact ...more delevopers should take this approach imo.

PockyKing1417d ago


I didn't realize you were the spokesperson for all Far Cry 3 fans, sorry for questioning you.../s

thechosenone1418d ago

seriously dude stop your bitching and just enjoy the gameplay. I don't care what its called all I care about is that I can freakin' play it.

maniacmayhem1417d ago

"This is just Ubisoft trying to use the success of Far Cry 3 to sell a downloadable game they've made"

How is that any different from them making it DLC for FC:3?
I think you are in the minority on this one Root. The game looks fantastic and I would rather have a whole new, tongue in cheek style story with the Far Cry3 game mechanics than a tact on expanded story of Far Cry 3.

This is exactly what most devs should do, take a franchise in a totally different direction and offer it as a DL game for $15 to $20 bux.

MrBeatdown1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Originality be damned!

Should have given us more of the same!


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porkChop1418d ago

I think this looks great. Very refreshing in a market filled with modern military shooters. Maybe this is Ubisoft testing the market for a new Sci Fi IP.

1418d ago
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