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Don’t Be Hating on the Mewtwo-Lookalike in Pokémon X, Y

Jayden Williams at Aussie-Gamer.com writes: "During the latest broadcast of Japanese variety show Pokémon Smash, Nintendo and Game Freak revealed an all new Pokémon for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS games, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

Having been with Pokémon series since it first landed in Australia way back in 1998 (Charmander for best.starter.ever) I’ll admit when my eyes gazed over this new Pokémon – who sports a striking resemblance to fan-favourite Mewtwo – I felt a small part of my childhood slip away." (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

aviator189  +   913d ago
I think it looks alright. Just wish it wasn't purple.
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Root  +   913d ago
If it wasn't purple and didn't have the ring round it his head would look more like a Sperm.
aviator189  +   913d ago
I just don't like it as purple because it's similar to kid buu.
Maybe a light blue or green color would have worked to avoid those comparisons.

But I dig it either way.
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sikbeta  +   913d ago
the mew2 from the movie (I think) was a good design, like it had all wires and a helmet and then he take them off and looked boss, then there was the other flying rat lol and this is... eh, reaching Digimon levels of adding crap to animals to make them look bad@ss :/
Slowbrosef  +   912d ago
Suddenly Pokemon X and Y Make sense.

Mind: Blown

(all we need now is a spherical pokemon)
seppo91  +   913d ago
Buu wasn't even purple?
Know who was? The original Mewtwo :)
PopRocks359  +   913d ago
Don't know why people get up in arms about a single Pokemon. It's not like there won't be a hundred other ones with the new game.

I hear the "Gen 1 is the best" rhetoric often. I'm surprised more people don't realize that Gen 1 came out over a decade ago and those who grew up with Gen 1, well, grew up.
ninjahunter  +   913d ago
One does not simple grow out of gen 1... and 2... and maby a little of 3 if your into that sort of thing.
TruthbeTold  +   913d ago
I played the original Red back in the day. I don't feel that those were the best so much as every generation has pokemon that are awesome, and pokemon that have you shaking your head. Now that they are literally making garbage pile pokemon though, there are more extreme cases of pokemon that you can only shake your head in disbelief over.

That being said, I foresee another 15 years or so of playing Pokemon, as long as they don't F it up by trying to cater to people who can't respect and enjoy what the game is at its core levels. (Turn based strategy/Rock Paper Scissors/Classic JRPG)
SilentNegotiator  +   913d ago
Why are people up in arms that some people don't like the character that is essentially another character with some bulbous purple extensions thrown on it?

Gen 2 and 3 had great character designs. They actually got better from 1. Beyond that, some of the designs are miserably done.

"I'm surprised more people don't realize that Gen 1 came out over a decade ago and those who grew up with Gen 1, well, grew up"
Are you suggesting that Pokemon is strictly for children? Or that people that don't happen to agree with your opinions of modern pokemon are children?
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PopRocks359  +   913d ago
"Are you suggesting that Pokemon is strictly for children? Or that people that don't happen to agree with your opinions of modern pokemon are children?"

Gone back to twisting my words, have we?

I never said Pokemon was for children. I'm merely saying that a person's perception of Pokemon and what was cool/good about them when they were younger may have changed as they grew older with new generations. Pokemon's one of the few franchises I grew out of when I hit my late teens and I was going off of the concept that maybe I'm not the only human out of several billion that thinks that way.

Also I hardly see what exactly about my initial comment made me seem up in arms to you. Maybe you shouldn't get so upset when someone has a different opinion from yours.
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JadedWriter  +   913d ago
It's like if Mewtwo and Majin Buu had a kid.
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Om3ga370  +   913d ago
I mean...it DOES look cool, but I just wish GameFreak could funnel their resources into more original ideas. Hopefully the next gen is full of *new* Pokemon, not just add-ons of the previous ones; I hope that they don't use the 3DS only to showcase all of the available Pokemon. There just has to be that "flair" that was their when I was a kid, and the game will be amazing. :)
Magnus  +   913d ago
I still like the orginal Mewtwo
thebudgetgamer  +   913d ago
You can't tell me what to do. I'll hate if I want.
madmike956  +   913d ago
come on it has to be Mewthree, it can be nothing but it
Chidori  +   913d ago
It is pretty ugly. They really ought to hire new artists. Seems like they still have the same group of people designing Pokemon from since the 90's. It's only natural that they run out of ideas.
kirbyu  +   913d ago
The only reason I was mad about it is because I thought it was confirmed as a new form (which seemed useless) and it's all they unveiled.
Brucis  +   913d ago
While I'm personally not too hot on the design, I'm not going to say it's horrible or pretend that the older Gens didn't have bad or unoriginal designs.

The way I see it is that we can look forward to Mewtwo, and hopefully Mew, making a comeback.
mamotte  +   913d ago
And I'll call you... mewfriezboo.
kirbyu  +   913d ago
My theory is that before Team Rocket made Mewtwo, they made this thing but felt they could do much better. So they named this thing Mew1.5 and froze it or something. In the upcoming movie Mew1.5 and Mewtwo will battle but then Mew will come and unite them or something.
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sonicjam  +   913d ago
My theory is that mew evolves to that mewsomething. That mewtwo is just a deform version of that new pokemon. Since mewtwo was made in a lab.

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