Persona 2: PSOne PSN Game Review and giveaway-A Darker Image

Venture back into the realm of Persona. This time, the story revolves around Maya Amano, a budding reporter from a teen magazine. One day, she is sent to investigate the recent murders at “Seven Sisters High School.” These murders are said to be linked to the “Joker’s Curse”, a bizarre ritual that calls upon a demon to grant you your wishes. During her investigation, she is led down a path of darkness which will ultimately lead her to the truth about this twisted world called Persona.

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dark-kyon2074d ago

great game,great soundtrack,great character,great story a classic of psone.

Kratoscar20082074d ago

Is always a joy seeing someone praising a Persona game that doesnt end in 3&4, this is a great game and a major turnpoint of the franchise.

ps3_pwns2074d ago

persona 3 and 4 the master race personas!

wishingW3L2074d ago

P2 on PSN? Since when?!!!