Reset Transmission: Text Communication #61

Melissa is all about designer flash drives, even if they look like Jar Jar Binks! She visited Mimoco at PAX East and wants to tell you all about MIMOBOTs.

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nhales801709d ago

If there is a flash drive on Legion, just point me in that direction.

thequadskater1709d ago

I don't think Legion made the cut for the Mass Effect line they put out. He isn't as popular as Broshep and Liara... saaad

Cusmar3501709d ago

A Legion flash drive sounds sweet!

thequadskater1709d ago

Supply and demand! I'd want a spectre themed one.

Virus601709d ago

A Legion/Geth drive would be sweet, I always loved the sound effects of the Geth.

Then again, a drive that screams like a banshee as you unplug it would appeal to me.

1709d ago