19-year-old gamer/entrepreneur raises $3 million in financing for his site

Destructoid writes: You may not have heard of WeGame, but when 19-year-old Jared Kim starts using the $3 million in financing he's raised for his newest venture, I'm sure you'll hear more soon.

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jinn3748d ago

gamers know business

TheIneffableBob3748d ago

WeGame is awesome.
I've been using it for the past month or so and, so far, I love it. The video recorder still needs some work (still in beta), but the site features are well done and the video quality is great.

RecSpec3748d ago

With all these dropouts from college gaining big money from the internet, I wonder at times why do I bother staying in school?

Obviously that was sarcasm, kudos to another kid able to make money by using his talents.

sumfood4u3748d ago

guess his brain is a codebreaker giving him good supply of cash!