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The Vita Is Only An HD PS2

Cheatcc says - "Ever since Sony announced the PlayStation 4, people have been inexplicably merciful to the Vita. I'm not sure if it's because gamers are secretly pulling for Sony's troubled handheld as if it were a character in Mighty Ducks 2, or if we're all just in a forgiving mood because Sony has a new flagship on the horizon. Either way, the mountains of Vita hatred have been replaced with cautious optimism. The unfortunate truth, though, is that very little has changed." (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony)

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MariaHelFutura  +   695d ago | Well said
You make that sound like a bad thing....
Abash  +   695d ago
The Vita does textures and graphical effects like lighting that the PS2 could never do. It isnt as powerful as the PS3, but it's damn near close
Yodagamer  +   695d ago
He was referring to the fact it gets ps2 ports. Which makes no sense to me if anything it gets more ps3 ports than ps2 ports.
Statix  +   695d ago
I wouldn't say it's close. I don't see the Vita achieving Last of Us graphics fidelity in the foreseeable future, if ever. It can certainly approximate the look and feel (i.e., art style) of a Killzone or Uncharted game, albeit at much reduced detail levels.
Apocalypso  +   695d ago
Reduced details on a much smaller screen makes it look almost as good!
andibandit  +   694d ago
If worlds apart is close, then yeah it's close
xk77  +   695d ago
HD PS2 is the best description of the Vita, but now it needs games like those of the PS2
UnwanteDreamz  +   695d ago
Yeah a handheld version of the best selling console in history is a win.

What's this guys problem?
TongkatAli  +   695d ago
The PS2 will never be topped PERIOD.
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Blaze929  +   694d ago
except it doesn't have the games that made it the best selling console in history. In fact, the LACK of games is the problem.
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UnwanteDreamz  +   694d ago
How old is the Vita?

I can remember when they said PS3 had no games.
dedicatedtogamers  +   695d ago
Yeah, I'm not seeing the problem here. For the record, the highest-selling handheld of all time (the DS) was basically a portable SNES/N64, in the sense that it had a lot of ports from those systems and lots of its games felt like they came from that era of gaming. And the DS is awesome.

If the Vita is like the PS2 (both in terms of ports and the "feel" of its games), I'm not going to complain.
StrawHatPatriot  +   695d ago
The Gameboy was a portable NES (in black and white, and color)
The Gameboy Advance was a portable SNES with slightly updated Mode 7 effects
The Nintendo DS is a portable N64 that is not as smoothed out visually(making it look closer to a PS1) but has the detailed backgrounds of PS1 games
The Nintendo 3DS is a portable Gamecube

The PSP is a portable PS1 that is very smoothed out
The PSVita is a portable HD PS2 with an increase in polygons, making it close to PS3 but not there exactly, thus making be essentially launch PS3 games

dats my take
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BlindGuardian  +   695d ago
Not really, the vita is not HD
oONinjavitiSOo  +   694d ago
Well...."Blind" is part of you're user name.....

OT. The vita is amazing. Definitely my favorite handheld thus far. I would be extremly happy if they released tons of ps2 games for the vita. Looking forward to many of the games for it in 2013. Soul sacrifice is right around the corner on the 30th..... Awesome!
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TenkoTAiLS  +   694d ago
I dunno why you are getting so many disagrees, it's not true HD, or full HD. It can only display a max resolution of 960 × 544 qHD. One quarter the resolution of full HD. So technically it isn't HD.
jivah  +   694d ago
@BlindGuardian @TenkoTAiLS

There is no such thing as true hd or full hd. It is just a term made up by manufacturers to sell a product. OOOooooOhemGee fullz hd gotz to get it rites naoww cuzz mine didnt says it O.O

High definition starts at 920x576 +1 which people seem to have forgotten over the years. Which comes out to 414720px +1. The vitas lcd at 960x544 comes out at 522240. Well above the minimum for hd. So it definitely qualifies Whether you like it or not. Whether you can tell a difference or not, it still qualifies

So learn ya tech and stop trolling
kupomogli  +   694d ago

The name BlindGuardian is a band name. I actually wouldn't have known that if it wasn't for Sacred 2, but I would recommend listening to the song on Youtube. Great song that they made just for the game. Some of their other music is good as well.
illustratedDEO  +   694d ago
you sir must not own a PSVita smh tsk tsk
GamersRulz  +   695d ago
It's a complement considering that PS2 is the greatest console of all time.
GEO9875  +   694d ago
Uh uh, that goes to the snes!!
NeoTribe  +   694d ago
In all reality the ps3 is the best. If ps2 were the best id still be playing it and games wouldnt look like complete blocky crap. Ps4 will soon be the best.
Irishguy95  +   694d ago
Ps2 was the best for it's time, it had the best list of games ever. Ps3 did not match it, less variety(despite having alot). Ps4 might...we'll see...wouldn't be surprised looking at the launch line up already
Patm82  +   694d ago
lol thats what i was thinking :)
GamerToons  +   694d ago
The 3DS is probably more or less on par with a N64.

What is the argument this story is trying to make?
blastcorp64  +   694d ago
You mean the DS? The 3DS looks a hell of a lot better than the 64.
jcnba28  +   694d ago
That's because it is. It's just a portable PS2, no wonder no one is buying the damn thing.
Snookies12  +   695d ago
"or if we're all just in a forgiving mood". The hell are you talking about? The Vita is a beast of a handheld and is fantastic in so many ways. I own both a 3DS and Vita, and they're both wonderful, but I have to say I play my Vita a lot more than I do my 3DS.

This article is making it sound like the Vita was a disappointment. That's just complete idiocy. I think I can speak on this pretty well considering that I've been through just about every handheld since the original brick GameBoy. The Vita is no doubt my favorite handheld ever, shoot, it's one of my favorite consoles period.
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nix  +   694d ago
since i've picked up Vita, i want every PS3 game on Vita because it's such a great system to hold and play.. plus the graphics are just amazing. it's like PS3 on the go. truly amazing console.
PSNintyGamer  +   695d ago
The Vita is nowhere near the PS2.
Thirty3Three  +   695d ago
You are really stupid PSNinty.

They showed us a graph of the Vita's power, and it went something like this:

x-------------------------X-- ---X
PSP----------------------Vita --PS3

Anyone remember this...? (sorry if the graph is messed up. Anyway, point is, its very close to PS3, in power)

And also it's very underclocked right now...
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Kratoscar2008  +   695d ago
I think he means when it comes to softaware and sales wich sadly i dont see the Vita comming even close.
Th4Freak  +   695d ago
Actually PSV and PS3 aren't that close, PSV polygons count is 133M polygon/s and PS3 is 333.3M million polygons/s and if we also take in count that PSV have half VRAM of PS3 we can say that PSV is as half as powerful as a PS3.
TongkatAli  +   695d ago
What Kratoscar2008 meant to say is

Ritsujun  +   695d ago
Thirty3Three failed to understand PSNintyGamer.
I think Thirty3Three ranked bottom at his schools.
PSNintyGamer  +   695d ago
I don't see a PS2 level library yet
kayoss  +   694d ago
Actually if Sony didn't screw up so bad with the ps vita. The vita could have been the only hand held console with the largest library of games ever launched. If ps vita could have played all ps1, ps2, psn, and remote ps3 game out the box like Sony some what promised it would have hundreds of games at it disposal.
GribbleGrunger  +   695d ago
There's so much hatred out there. Sony must be doing something right.
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Mustang300C2012  +   695d ago
Just like MS right?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   694d ago
No you got it all wrong. ONLY SONY hate is because they are doing something right! SONY love is also because they are doing something right!
Microsoft hate is because they are wrong and evil. Microsoft love is because they are wrong and evil and have indoctrinated you.
N4G in a nutshell. - you're welcome.
I also teach Spanish and Home Ed.
Hicken  +   694d ago
What Sony does right: Gaming.

What Microsoft does right: Making money unapologetically off its customers.
CommonSense  +   694d ago
Wow! Now here is a clearcut example of what we've been saying all along. Sony guys are such unbelievable hypocrites. Look at the agrees/disagrees here.

Sony gets some hate, so they're doing something right. MS gets a ton of hate, so wouldn't it stand to reason, then, that MS is doing even MORE right?

These apologists are such children.

Mustang, great point. +bubble.
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Donnieboi  +   694d ago

Nobody even wants to muster up any energy to hate Microsoft. Instead, we disregard MS altogether. For there to be hate, one would have had to felt love at one point. There never was any love for Microsoft, just a short, fleeting moment in time when people enjoyed when MS used to be dominant. But that was for only HALF of the current generation. No one could feel loyalty for a company that hasn't done much for gaming (other than online for consoles), has no new IP's, and is greedy. Sony been dominant since 1996, with a slight hiccup earlier this gen.

So if Sony was 3rd place this gen, and is now creeping to FIRST place, then hell yeah--I'd definitely say Sony MUST be doing something right to make such a seemingly impossible comeback like that.
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Blaze929  +   694d ago
lol the agrees to disagrees on Gribble's comment compared to Mustang's is simply golden for anyone wanting to prove a point...
porkChop  +   695d ago
Calling the Vita an HD PS2 is actually a compliment.
CommonSense  +   694d ago
Uh...what? No it isn't. They aren't saying it has the massive library that it had, which was essentially the only thing that PS2 had going for it.

BTW, I have a Vita that I NEVER use. So if anyone delusional enough to think it's a worthwhile console to own, please contact me about purchasing.
Mr_Writer85  +   694d ago
I do and already have one. For the simple reason Playstation Plus.
Protagonist  +   694d ago

Please sell your PS Vita as soon as possible.
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Ayabrea123  +   694d ago
You don't have a Vita. Stop with the illusion. If you don't like it then sell it and leave. No one cares about the hypocritical so called handheld that don't appreciate the little things. The many that have a Vita consider it worth while and will disagree with you in a heart beat.
yewles1  +   695d ago
It's actually a QHD PS2.8...
PopRocks359  +   695d ago
"An HD PS2"?

Author, I have one thing to say... bullcrap. It plays PS3 AND PS4 games (that's what I call future proof), ya nimrod. No way it's near the power of a PS2 when it can play games of that magnitude.
sherimae2413  +   695d ago
i think he says it an hd ps2 is because these games
-metal gear solid hd collections
-final fantasy x and x-2 hd (upcoming)
and the rumored...
-jak and daxter hd collections

well all of these games are also coming to ps3 so that is.....
the ps3 is an hd ps2 too, lol
dont forget the ico and sotc hd collections too!

like you said this article is a... bull... lol ^_^
izumo_lee  +   695d ago
If the author thinks the Vita is an HD PS2 than what does he consider the 3DS than?

Actually if you think about it, this is really a compliment for the Vita. We all know how great the PS2 did, if he thinks the Vita is a PS2....i think Sony would love that comparison.
Godmars290  +   695d ago
Correction: a portable PS2.

Now if it can only be displayed again on a regular TV.
Drummerdude41  +   695d ago
PS Vita is a decent handheld. Personally I just use pcsx2 and rip my old ps2 games to play them in hd on my comp. I prefer that library over the current vita one but the vita is getting better games so you never know.
ziggurcat  +   695d ago
story quality? WTF?

like this website? no
blackbirdi  +   695d ago
its an xbox 1 :p
Feldman9000  +   695d ago
Ahem:: Uncharted.
imXify  +   695d ago
Sports games really aren't PS2 quality.
Williamson  +   695d ago
Haha nah(no disrespect to the ps2)....The vita is more of a portable ps3 than anything. The games built exclusively for the vita like gravity rush(of course), uncharted, ac liberation, and soul sacrifice look amazing. Ports like sly 4, need for speed, and psabr took a little of a downgrade but if they were made from scratch on the vita then they would no doubt look even better than they do now.
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BitbyDeath  +   695d ago
Uncharted and LBP were awesome PS2 games... oh wait
joel_c17  +   695d ago
lol horrible article
sherimae2413  +   695d ago
an HD ps2?! -_-
i dont know what are the full specs of ps2, so i cant say...
and i think the vita is still not in its full potential guys.. dont just judge it too early, let just say, compare uncharted 1 to uncharted 3 or last of us youll see the big difference right
besides the vita is still underclocked, its like a wild beast that are still bind in chains, unleash it and you will see...

i hope guerilla's vita game is the one that can do it ^_^
ApolloTheBoss  +   695d ago
If we're going by that logic then PSP was an HD PSOne.
specialguest  +   695d ago
The Vita is to the PS3 as what the PSP is to the PS2. PSP displayed graphics near identical to the PS2, and it's somewhat the same with the Vita being close to the PS3, but not quite.
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Imikida  +   695d ago
So what if it's a HD PS2? Which it isn't for the record, but it's portable. That's the whole idea, so it would be a portable ps2, except with completely different games and technology. I kind of just contradicted myself lol.
ywuoisdf   695d ago | Spam
whamlollypop7  +   695d ago
Is that a complaint or compliment?
dennett316  +   695d ago
I think Vita would be a better proposition if it WAS a handheld PS2 with a nicer screen...what a library of games that would have been available on the go.
Soldierone  +   694d ago
I remember when I had a PS2 and the idea of PSP was those same PS2 games being in my hand, and I loved the idea. Why would I not like it now?

Vita has games at levels that the top Phone games have not once come close to touching yet..... The fact its playing direct ports says a hell of a lot for a handheld.
Veneno  +   694d ago
It always easy to tell who actually owns and plays a Vita and who doesn't. This author clearly doesnt.
TongkatAli  +   694d ago
THIS! Hearing about the Vita lack of software is the biggest crock of shit and suprise suprise it's from the people who don't own one. It has games for every genre there is no excuse not to own one except if you're cheap as ####.
TronEOL  +   694d ago
I can't agree with this. Although it really depends in which way you mean.

For example;

The Vita, graphically, is much, much better than the PS2. Even though games like Final Fantasy X, MGS3, Bouncer, God of War 2 and such looked fantastic on the PS2, there are Vita exclusives that look much, much better. Even when compared to their HD PS2 counter-parts.

The Vita is much closer to an Xbox, graphically, than it is to a PS2. And I find it's capable of even more than the original Xbox could do.

Good examples are Assassin's Creed: Liberation, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Littlebigplanet, Killzone, Atelier Totori, etc. And this is just the beginning of the PSVita's life. Wait until it hits it's prime.

And when you take into account how much more is going on in these games when compared to those games on PS2, you'll see the jump is much larger. There's more to a game than comparing screenshots. Like how they run for examples, and how the game looks in motion. Uncharted: GA's animations look far beyond ANYTHING done in the entire PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation. Same goes for games like AC:L and Gravity Rush.
Kingthrash360  +   694d ago
Trash articles from haters are funny as hell. This foo was trying to make the vita look bad by comparing it to the ps2? Wow good job hater the ps2 was the shit!! Your saying the vita is a better ps2 which makes the vita also the shit. Thanks for confirming this captain obvious.
WitWolfy  +   694d ago
Where is my remote play?!?! AND THATS WHY I HAVENT BOUGHT IT YET!
THC CELL  +   694d ago
Happy with the vita and gunna be even happier when ps4 comes.
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