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Submitted by -Mezzo- 965d ago | article

Life After Xbox

Kotaku - Over the weekend, I donated my Xbox 360 Elite to Goodwill. It represented a time in my life as a developer that I'm not overly proud about living. (Xbox 360)

IK IR Y IP T  +   965d ago
Your games suck anyways if microsoft did one thing for gamers it was multiplayer and for that i thank them they created a infa-structure and eco system that is mainstream across all platforms with the help of bungie. It is a good yr to be a gamer reguardless of the console u choose !!!
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   965d ago
More useless stupidity from Kotaku.This is what passes as journalism these days, apparently.
NeoTribe  +   965d ago
Most boring, pointless article ever. Thank you kotaku for this meaningless dribble. Dont mind me while i downvote this site.

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