Avoid The Mud | GamerHub.TV Review

Motorcross is an amazing sport that has never quie made the successful transition into the world of video games. There have been numerous attempts but none have spawned a successful franchise. Milestone and Namco Bandai seek to change that with the release of MUD FIM Motorcross World Championship. Will MUD inspre gamers to give the world of Motorcross a chance? Find out in our review!

Magnagamer2221120d ago

This actually looked cool. Too bad it wasn't received well.

HammadTheBeast1120d ago

Not well is pushing it. This score is horrible. For a second, I thought it was a typo for 10. But 3/100 is just sad.

YoureINMYWay851120d ago

EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Motorcross is so 2001

jagiii1120d ago

It's best to stick with Forza and GT these days for racing.