Will Uncharted's Drake Voice Snake in MGSV?

IGN: '' Voice actor Nolan North talks about his career, Marvel Heroes, and new rumors on Up at Noon. Plus, we pit Walking Dead against Game of Thrones.''

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Snookies121927d ago

That would be.... Too weird... As much as I love Nolan for his performances, I just can't see it. (or rather, hear it.)

Agent Smith1927d ago

We're gonna have to call him Solid Drake or Nathan Snake.

CraigUK1927d ago

Well, it would be Naked Drake or Nathan Snake, maybe even Big Drake or Nathan Boss.

CaptainSheep1927d ago

^Naked Drake...? Yeah, I love Drake but I would rather not imagine that. XD

NewMonday1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Nolan North is verstile, also did Captain Martin Walker in Spec Ops: The Line and was great. but Snake still needs a sharp voice, something like Clint Eastwood

OcelotRigz1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Or we could call him Papa Bouba Diop.

I like North, but for me Hayters rusty, gravel voice IS snakes voice for me, its just a part of the series as anything else. Like, most gaming protagonist have regular generic voices but the minute you hear snakes voice you know exactly who it is straight away.
It is going to be very weird hearing snake as another generic voice, it wont feel right at all.

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majiebeast1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Big boss:Kitty got wet.

BOO! Young Justice cancelation!

Hope they get Nolan North as a cameo in The Last of Us, that would be awesome.

Muffins12231927d ago

I could see it happening if he made his voice more gritty for the role.

Mounce1927d ago

And as much as I love his voice acting.....I don't want his bloody voice slapped on Snakes' image.

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PopRocks3591927d ago

Nolan North is one of my favorite voice actors... but to have him be Snake would be rather off-putting for me. Couldn't they just get Doyle who voiced Big Boss in MGS4?

Kanzes1927d ago

I agree, Doyle is a better choice than the current va (David H still the best though).

PopRocks3591927d ago

Agreed wholeheartedly. David Hayter will always be my first choice for Snake in a Metal Gear game with voice acting.

wishingW3L1927d ago

oh god no, Nolan is overused.

BanBrother1927d ago

Am I in the minority that actually loves him? All his characters I remember so fondly. Funny thing is, I didn't like some of his characters at first, but then I loved them. He brings such personality to'his roles, and they are not all the same, though his voice is distinct.

Desmond from'Assassin's Creed.
Nathan Drake from'Uncharted.
Sergeant Forge from Halo Wars.

Those characters funnily enough I didn't like when I first played them, but after I absolutley loved them. He brings such charm and charisma to his characters. Spec Ops was great for him also, it really showed what he can do as a voice actor. He has a great humour to'him also.

Deadpool6161927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

He's not over used, it's how they use him.

When it comes to acting it's about giving whatever the director wants. If they want his natural voice, he'll give it to them. If they want something different, he'll give it to them. Listen to Nolan North's voice as The Penguin in Batman Arkham City. I could normally pick up certain actors by listening to the voice, but I had no idea he played The Penguin. Brilliant voice acting.

InTheLab1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

He's way overused. He's Drake, Desmond Miles, Deadpool, Superman, Superboy...random thug in Batman, dude from Spec Ops,etc.

I say we need more Troy Baker...

KwietStorm1927d ago

Man this whole thing has just gotten weird. I'm a huge Metal Gear fan. Nolan North is that dude. But I still feel trapped in limbo over David Hayter not being involved. If Snake ends up sounding soft, its really gonna hurt the big picture, because sadly, too much focus will be on the voice.

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