PSN Store Update for March 13th 2008

It's Thursday March 13th 2008 and once again the PSN Store for the Playstation 3 is updated. This week we see a MLB 2K8 Demo, two new PAIN characters and more Rock Band/Guitar Hero III songs.

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vitz33566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Agreed, bub'd, and second'd.

God Dammit Sony! I'm still waiting for HOME!!!

Why do they keep stuffing the store with lame add-ons and videos that we've already seen. How about some meaningful content and not the cheap cop-outs we've been getting these past two months straight.

Don't you want my money?

Just as a note. Did does anyone else notice the filesize of the Toy Home "expansion pack"? 100kb. Unlock code anyone?

masterg3566d ago

This is just like last year.
But give it a couple of weeks and I'm sure we will start seeing the goodies.

PSWe603566d ago

Other than the Guitar Hero songs this is a pretty weak update.

Mr_Kuwabara3566d ago

Woot the GH3 pack was my most anticipated for this week.

IzKyD13313566d ago

wait, those 3 songsfor GH3 are FREE?
or is that just a typo?

BigKev453566d ago

Dam, another crappy update. What is up with this?

RecSpec3566d ago

Starve you and then release a bunch of good stuff at once so your wallet takes critical damage.

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The story is too old to be commented.