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Angry Video Game Nerd gets his very own game

"James Rolfe’s Angry Video Game Nerd character has been around for a good nine years or so (makes you feel pretty old, doesn’t it?), so it was only a matter of time before a game based on him was announced.

Entitled Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, the action-adventure sidescroller stars a Powerglove and Nintendo Zapper-wielding AVGN who players control through ten Mega Man and Castlevania-inspired levels. Other characters will be playable as well (my money’s on series’ songwriter Kyle Justin), and will sport three difficulty levels: easy, normal and my personal favorite, “hard as balls.”

Indie developer FreakZone, of Manos: The Hands of Fate fame infamy, is working alongside ScrewAttack Games in getting the game approved via Steam Greenlight."

- Patrick Kulikowski (Angry Video Game Nerd, Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, FreakZone Games, PC, Screwattack)

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