Why PS3 Will Own 2008 - 'Best Game titles, Best Multiplayer and Brightest Future'

Competition is great for the gaming industry and the consumers of gaming products. In 2008, the battle for best console will be won in many domains including most consoles units sold, best game titles, best multiplayer and brightest future.

For the last few years we've seen the Xbox 360 dominate in many domains of competition. Microsoft has continued to receive key titles on their platform because their development support is extremely friendly and consumers, in the United States specifically, have taken to purchasing the console as the PC-alternative for current generation gaming. Microsoft's LIVE! integration for gaming is tightly built to the 360 experience and allows consumers to quickly purchase add-on content for game levels, rock band and guitar hero songs and silly content such as picture packs and themes.

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decapitator3929d ago

Gaming will be great this year in general acoross all platforms. But it all comes down to what you are really interested in.

Also, With the PS3 lineup this year, if anything I would say is the console to beat this year. It's bring most of the fan favorites to the table and new titles as well.

KINGDRAMA3929d ago

well, well.

Ive been absent from this site for several months now.
I left because it was run by rampant xbox fans who loathed sony.

Now i return and all my predictions have come true.Funny how 1 by 1 i hit everything right on. Even timeframes. Where is themart and firstknight? their worst nightmares have become reality. I predicted that as well.

Now whos gonna give me a cookie?

sonarus3929d ago

gaming will surely be awesome across all platforms. There are some great multiplatform titles coming out for both consoles. However 360 had such a fantastic yr last yr, any improvements for them will be marginal. Ps3 on the other hand seems to have been working over time to rectify past mistakes. Games like mgs4 which a lot of gamers have been waiting on for YRS as well as resistance, pushing the limits for console gaming will be arriving exclusively on ps3. This is the path i want both consoles to take. If ps3 beats out Xbox this yr, expect 360 to work overtime next yr and if sony sleeps...disaster

JsonHenry3929d ago

All the PS3 would have to do in order to completely pwn the other consoles is get Blizzard to make WoW and StarCraft 2 on the PS3 with FULL keyboard+mouse support.


INehalemEXI3929d ago

PS3 owns 08 kidding it doesnt stop with 08 though, Its likely to pwn for the rest of this generation and on into the next. People will trade in wii's and 360's for a PS3. If they have not already.

mikeslemonade3929d ago

360 improving this year is questionable. Other than Gears 2 no game surpasses Halo 3, Bioshock, or Mass Effect. Too Human maybe the equalizer for Mass Effect though.

gonzopia3929d ago

Look at the great games coming down the pipe. Even if some of them aren't as impressive as we hope, we've got some killer prospects in games like Resistance, Haze, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, GT5, MGS4, Motorstorm 2, SOCOM, Wipeout HD, The Agency, and LITTLEBIGPLANET... the list goes on, and those are the exclusives, nevermind some sweet cross-platform games for us to enjoy as well.

The 360 gets some Gears 2 lovin' - which is nice for them, cuz that's a great game. The rest of the year belongs to the PS3.

Sayai jin3928d ago

I have no doubt the PS3 will have agreat year. The same was said about the 360 last year, but all of that did not spell demise for the PS3 nor will it for the 360 this year.

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Kaz Hirai3929d ago

King Kaz wouldn't blame you, your 2008 line-up is SICKENING! Surely you don't want to be stuck with that MEDIOCRITY? That SEWAGE? That FILTH?


Jandre023929d ago

Phenominal. Haha "that FILTH!"

Good show Mr. Hirai.

iAmPS33929d ago

Amusing as always Kaz!!!
May Sony bless us all.

Shadow Man3929d ago

and yeah I can't wait for GTA 4 WITH DLC EXCLUSIVE TO xbox 360 FTW!!
ps: I own a 360 and I think ur comments are funny Bubble for u Sir!

Mr Playboy3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

Xbox360 and PS3

tidus0073929d ago

that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME is simply dead

PS3 has killed it in USA too

expect PS3 to kill wii this year too

TriggerHappy3929d ago

Gaming will be awesome across all platforms but I will most likely pick up titles I know the 'sequels' to be good rather than some new untested IP though.

heyheyhey3929d ago

yeah the PS3 will own 2008, we all know it (minus the denial boys who under-estimate key factors about which i wont go into detail here)

but these articles are really getting boring now

flame wars are funny and entertaining, but do we really need 30 articles about the exact same thing?