Fallout 3: Inside the Vault with Adam Adamowicz

From Bethesda Blog:
"Today's Inside the Vault is with Adam Adamowicz, our resident concept artist here at the studio. If you ever visit our offices, his cube is the one you should insist on visiting. When we start a project internally, Adam is one of the first developers to begin work so he always has amazing pieces of art all around his corner of the offices."

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MK_Red3726d ago

Awesome. He's a fan of MDK and is a concept artist so hopefully he will have some really interesting designs for Fallout 3. Can't wait.

TheKungFool3726d ago

Not only does this guy share my name, but he shares my undying affection for PSone's "SKULLMONKEYS"! cool.
And I can't wait to add this game to my PS3 collection.

xionpunk3726d ago

Fallout is so far away...