Sony Santa Monica Is "Still Very Much Committed" To PlayStation All-Stars

PlayStation Euphoria: More news regarding PlayStation All-Stars has come our way thanks to Twitter user, @theBigFour2011, who received a message back from @sonysantamonica. He was asking if more updates were coming our way. How did they answer?

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sinncross1871d ago

Well that is good. Hopefully they show off some new stuff soon.

sherimae24131871d ago

hoping for more dlc characters! ^_^

Ilovetheps41870d ago

Hopefully not at $4.99 each again. I'm not a huge God of War fan, so I didn't buy Ascension. If I want the two new characters, it's going to cost me ten dollars. I just feel that's a little too pricey.

chrispseuphoria1870d ago

Characters cost a lot of money to make. The Skull Girls developers had to go to IndieGogo so they can afford it (it was $150,000). For two characters plus licensing fees, yes, I believe they are worth $5.

LightningMokey1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

I got both sets free.

a08andan1871d ago

Just release an updated version for the ps4 :D Think it will do much better there tbh, with all the social features etc :)

GribbleGrunger1871d ago

I agree ... but drop the messy backgrounds. I can see why they did it but when you throw so many art styles together like that it loses cohesion as well as making it harder to follow gameplay.

Nicaragua1870d ago

No way, the backgrounds are great !

LightningMokey1869d ago

You can disable them if you don't like it.

PropheV1871d ago

Give it some FF love and I'ma buy it.

M-M1871d ago

They need to make a Warhawk 2.

Monolith1870d ago

How could anyone possibly disagree with your comment. Agree and bubble!
I play warhawk to this day on a regular basis. Nothing comes close to the amount of sheer chaos that ensues on the battlefield in warhawk. Even starhawk and twisted metal. You people shouldnt play games. Warhawk is a classic of a title. Never gets old and still lots of games. People are crazy.
OK I'm done with my rant
Couldn't help it!

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The story is too old to be commented.