House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return Review - Xbox 360 World

Unless you're expecting a huge lightgun revolution (and why would you when it's called House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return?) there's not much here that'll disappoint. Xbox 360 World will concede that it's ugly, but the dated visuals carry a certain retro charm.

And at 30 minutes per game there's plenty to keep you occupied, even without factoring in the all the extra modes. For Xbox 360 World's money it has neither the charm nor the 'one-more-go' appeal of Ghost Squad (nor the Party mode for that matter), but the wealth of other options makes up for some of that. Second place, it seems, doesn't have to mean second rate.

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PS360WII3658d ago

It's a fun game and works pretty well. Definatly great for light gun fans ^^