PC Gamers Hating On Next-Gen Xbox, PlayStation 4, But Why?

FleshEatingZipper writes: No one has to lose when new consoles come out.

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Snookies121779d ago

I am a PC gamer, and I sure as hell don't understand what's up with PC gamers hating on next-gen consoles.

MariaHelFutura1779d ago

I think (for some not all) it's because they have a platform w/ so much potential for power and no one cares, developers and gamers in general. Developers because many pc gamers are just thieves who don't support the development and console gamers because pc gamers generally come off like scum bags and on top of that, pc gaming can an expensive hassle. The closer and closer consoles are getting to pc's, it's doing nothing but driving a stake through the hearts of their insecurities. IMO, of course.

Spinal1779d ago

This is bullshit. I'm a PC gamer and I can't wait for the PS4. They made all the improvements I wanted to see and I'm sold.

PC will be primary platform and the PS4 will be my only other platform next gen for their exclusives.

grahf1779d ago

While there may be mass potential, there is almost an infinite combination of hardware/software to contend with while writing the software. It is easier to program for a specific kit (console, iOS & its 5 phones) then writing for millions of other customers, none of which are the exact same. QA also has to deal with as many scenarios as possible, and that takes time & money.

Despite all that, the PC gaming community takes pride in patching the holes when they arise (Dark Souls?) and keeping developers honest with their code by making it available on as many systems as possible. PC gaming was "apparently" dead years ago. Its been back with a vengeance the past few years as this console cycle has waned, and I have a feeling it will take a hit again this Q4. Like most things its cyclical.

sikbeta1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

PC elitists are like that for no reason, they can't stand people enjoying games on "underpowered hardware", worst about that, they think the most powerful graphic card of the week (little example would be: 1000 US Dollars TITAN) is what the average PC gamer have, which is a total Lie, there are pc-gamers out there with rigs that can't match PS360 visuals XP ... yeah the master-race lawl

MikeMyers1779d ago

Can't we all just get along?

Lisica1779d ago

Consoles getting closer to PCs?
Many PC gamers are thieves?

More like hardly and some.

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Root1779d ago

Probably scared...they've already seen more developers taking a liking to consoles instead of taking advantage of the PC and the power it has, Crysis, Battlefield, Elder Scrolls etc. Then you have the odd times that developers don't do PC ports for console games or instead do crap ports.

I think they are more scared that because the tec looks better (PS4 for example since Nextbox hasn't been shown off) that more developers will forget about the PC and go after the console market more.

I mean they still have Valve but even now Valve are making the SteamBox with their own controller and everything....basicaly making a console to compete with other next gen console.

Bladesfist1779d ago

Steambox is a PC. Not a console. I am not afraid of developers running away, I just do not like when console gamers pass of delusions as facts. Such as 1080p does not matter. 30fps is needed to make killzone feel like killzone. (Input is normally multiplied by delta time which is the time since the last frame which makes it framerate independent) I have a PS3 and I enjoy it but I am not going to say PS4 is more powerful than PC as it is just silly. Which is when people like sikbeta state that high end PC hardware does not count as most do not have it. It as if console only gamers want to turn a blind eye to anything that could be considered better than the platform. I doubt I will purchase a PS4 at launch as I just bought a PS3 and have a huge backlog.

dedicatedtogamers1779d ago

Next gen consoles are closer in power to PCs than any time ever before in history. PS4's 8 gigs of unified RAM is about what you'd have in a mid-level gaming computer (1-2 Gig graphics card and the rest in RAM). But here's the kicker: everyone knows that - circuit for circuit - console hardware is more powerful than PC hardware because it is optimized for gaming. So, even though the PS4's hardware only equals a mid-level gaming PC (which is still well beyond what the PS3/360 are able to do), the end result will be a console that is able to keep pace with PC development for years to come.

Whereas when the PS3/360 launched, they had 512 MB of memory while it was normal for a gaming PC to have at LEAST 2 gigs of RAM, if not more.

Pjuice1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Actually there pulling away even faster now. Ps4/xbox isn't even out yet but the specs show that a geforce titan is already 3-4 times faster than the ps4's gpu chip. It used to be closer than that on consoles release dates. Now its not even close a year before there coming out. I really don't mind the aaa devs going console. Kickstarter is starting to show promise and pc games are still being made for a core group of gamers and not trying to cater to everyone and water down games to make sales. I like having more in depth hardcore games so console can have the mainstream... One example right now where that happened is diablo3 vs path of exile. diablo 3 is coming to console but sucks compared to path of exile.

Enate1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Yes Pjuice because there are going to be enough GTX Titan Equipped PC's out there to sell a game by the time the new consoles come out lol. We are talking about a viable market here not some one per-centers fun toy. I personally built mine an my girlfriends new rigs both with GTX 680's the cards alone were a grand. I doubt most people are even trying to spend anywhere near that.

An that was with careful planning an months of decision making an one of us working two jobs. An that ***** had the nerve to go below 60 fps on Tomb Raider even with the new drivers. I've been playing PC long enough to know they have some serious optimization issues even when you have a powerful rig.

dedicatedtogamers1779d ago

@ Pjuice

Did you not notice the part where I said "equivalent to a mid-range gaming PC" instead of "a PC with a graphics chip that costs as much as a new console"?

Pjuice1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

by the time ps4's come out the titan price will be cut in half because maxwell will be out or another kepler. basically im saying pricing will be way different by then. so by the time ps4 comes out theres going to be something faster than titan.... I have 2x670's in my pc and only paid 550

Enate1779d ago

Pjuice that's nice that you managed to get that deal but that isn't the standard pricing everyone is going to come across. Even that is 550 on top of everything else its still not cheap in the slightest especially coming from scratch like most people would have to do. An I seriously doubt the titan's prices will ever be cut in half that's extremely wishful thinking on your part.

An last I saw even if the new 700 cards hit by the end of the year. Which according to Nvidia's recent showing they won't. The difference will be marginal at best until Volta which probably won't see the light of day till late 2015 at best.

just_jeff1779d ago


"not trying to cater to everyone and water down games to make sales"

I honestly think that your mentality is kinda what's wrong with "some" PC gamers. As soon as some PC gamers hear it's coming to PC & consoles you guys jump to the conclusion that the game is watered down... because it's coming to consoles as well.

What do you mean by "watered down" are you referring to graphics? If you are, then this is the same argument as always. It's about the graphics.

Diablo 3 came out nearly a year ago on PC's first, I don't think they even had plans to port it to consoles. This might sound crazy to you but what if Diablo 3 just isn't that good of a game? well at least compared to Path of Exile. Or does it suck because it's coming to consoles at year later?

Pjuice1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

It's the whole point of consoles to be mainstream man. It's not my fault if they weren't locked and let you mod the hardware and such instead of trying to squeeze every dollar off you i wouldn't mind console cause it would be pc or even better a pc with a gaming operating system. when your mainstream you try to cater to the masses and if you want to make big sales which they have to make more sales than pc because of retail and optical media on top of retail you can't really cater to a smaller group easily. Btw diablo3 had hinted a console release before it was even out on pc it just wasn't confirmed. I won't cry when aaa devs leave pc because they try to cater to the masses most of the time just like console and just one example of this happening within pc gaming itself is world of warcraft so im not just prejudice to console i just dislike everything there about but if you like that enjoy it. i just personally think pc brings more in depth games and a better all around experience.

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Persistantthug1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Jealousy that Consoles keep taking PC exclusives.

Even Blizzard, the last AAA budget PC developer is crossing over. And worse than that....they are bringing a better version of their game to consoles (no always on DRM).

That's 1 thing that PC gamers get angry about.

There's also the side issue that, for the price, because consoles are subsidized, Console gamers get better hardware than PC gamers can get.

That doesn't make PC gamers jump for joy either.

majiebeast1779d ago

I think they should be over the moon they can expect better ports and maybe more console ports.

GraveLord1779d ago

Some PC Gamers feel the need to butt-in to the console wars. It's because they are lonely and need something to do besides play World of Warcraft.

pete0071779d ago

you´re a pc gamer? well, lets say that at launch, at least the upper line consoles, (sony for now) will be outdated, low specs, struggling already to catch up with our standards,
do you feel good when you see that game development will be even more capped, cause of consoles, were moving so fast that consoles dont even copme closer anymore, they´re just crappy low end PC´s, and we are a bit not happy with that,

Snookies121779d ago

I have a great rig that can run just about anything on max settings full anti-aliasing and whatnot with 1920x1080 resolution. Which is fantastic to see games in their full beauty by pushing their graphical capabilities to the max. However... I am an old-school gamer at heart. I grew up on the NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. Back then, games didn't have to look pretty. It was the gameplay that drove them, not how clear a texture could be.

I want games to be fun, that's all I care about. I could be playing a game that has 8-bit graphics on my PC. So long as it has a good story, or great gameplay, I'll never complain. That's what we should care about in the end, because someday in the future, even the best graphics of today will be looked upon as being ugly at some point in time.

I want a PS4 for the amazing exclusives Sony has, just like I might want a 720 for their exclusives, or a Wii U for theirs...

TheXonySbox1779d ago

Because consoles have been shit, always been shit for the PC industry.

What have consoles given us since 360/PS3 era? Ports ports and more ports. Consoles gimp the massive technological advantage PCs have always had due to devs building/desinging games around low end hardware (Consoles) then porting it to PC without doing it justice.

Consoles will always be the enemy of PC innovation and pushing the limits because of this fact.

just_jeff1779d ago

I honestly don't consider better graphics as "innovation"

Wasn't Crysis 3 built for high-end PC's in mind and then ported down to the "shit" consoles as you put it. How well has Crysis 3 been received? The reviews usually go something like this: "The visuals are AMAZING, but"

Crysis 3 was design and built for high-end PC's. This was their chance to innovate, and they did... on the graphics side. AMAZING looking game.

In terms of "Limits" I think console games have pushed those limits very far... in story, game play and art direction even input (wii). See when your hands are tied by specs that aren't high-end you can't get by on just amazing graphics you're forced to try and innovate in other ways besides graphics.

hobohunterz1779d ago

Theyre just upset that the pc is never the new kid in town and that the new kids in town are getting all the attention.....

/s guys look at me im so powerful... but guys look at my SPECS, guys check out this sick crisis benchmark.... common people pc gaming is the best why do you guys like these weak consoles you cant benchmark them, think of the graphics!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

cuz they are being held back by tablets consoles?

It has tablet hardware. no?

Lets hope devs will lead on pc since it's easy enough.

ATi_Elite1779d ago

Hating on Next Gen consoles LMAO! What is there to hate? Nothing!

I'm happy that Next Gen consoles have just gone the PC route cause it just means BETTER multiplat ports now that all 3 Major platforms (Sorry Nintendo) are x86-64

Also I'm so looking forward to a X720/Ps4 emulator on my PC sooner and not 7 years later like this dam PS3 Emulator.

My only problem is consolers making up LIES and CRAP about PC Gaming and Next Gen consoles.

Killzone:Sf was touted as the best looking game ever and the PS4 would kill a high end PC but LOL that talk went away when DICE said BF4 MP would be 720p on console and lots of Devs saying 30 fps.

Still No hard specs on next gen GPU's but even then with DICE saying 720p for MP and only 30 fps @ 1080p what is there to hate? NOthing!

Enjoy your Sony Exclusives, Enjoy your Subscription X720, and I'll enjoy my PC Exclusives and games that currently consoles can't do.

But who knows maybe one day I'll get the chance to slaughter consolers in a FPS using my KB/m as Sony seems cross-platform friendly and thanks to Next GEn consoles being Low end PC's that event happening is now more realistic.

So again who's hating? Not Me!!!

I just do not like made up crap and lies!

kingPoS1779d ago

Yep gotta love the Cell. The only way to pirate a ps3 game is to pirate a ps3.

No two ways about it.

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smashcrashbash1779d ago

They can't sleep at night unless they say 'PC gaming is king and consoles are obsolete' at least ten times a day.Any attention payed to the PS4 or next Xbox distracts people from listening to them say that so they have to shout louder so everyone can hear them.

hellvaguy1778d ago

It goes both ways. Console fans hate on pc and vice versa. No side is better or worse than the other.

I think each camp just needs to accept that each has thier own pros and cons. Areas where they excel and other areas where they fall short.

sway_z1779d ago

I couldn't give a Rats tutu what PC gamers hate on.....

PS4 FTW!!!

Xbox 720 FTW!!!

Wii U FTW!!!

PC Titan GPX Cards FTW!!! everybody's happy ;)

Studio-YaMi1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Guess people really don't like to see others happy ?

Why are you getting disagrees for making everyone happy is beyond me ! :|
Or maybe people don't like "rats tutu" ?? xD LOL

Zha1tan1779d ago

Well done generalising an entire demographic of millions of people into one opinion.

I will be buying a PS4 for the single players and JRPGs but yes I will still spend 80% of my gaming time on PC as it is my preferred platform.

Hicken1779d ago

I don't think anybody ever believes that the entire population thinks a certain way... unless they're really just that ignorant.

Let's be honest: around here, most PC gamers seem to be all about the graphics and specs, and enjoy lauding better setups over each other, let alone console gamers. And this article isn't for the masses out there, because they'd never be in a position to read it, anyway.

So it's for us, then, and we know- or should know, anyway- that they don't mean ALL PC gamers.

Zha1tan1779d ago

I appreciate PC's graphical potential but I'm far more into independent titles and indie games that can be found nowhere else.

Basically PC exclusives is what I have a PC for, I like the better frame rate and the higer res for multiplatforms but the unique deep and complex games is the draw for me.

hellvaguy1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Alot of pc users use that platform for all the exclusive mmo's and are using low end pc's to do that. So alot of them arent so concerned with graphics.