One month with the Wii U

From the article, "I purchased a Wii a little over a month ago. In my time with this console, there are things I’ve grown to like and dislike about it. Considering how low Wii U sales are right now, I hope this piece can help you decide whether this is something you want to buy right now. So without further ado, let’s let into it."

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LOL_WUT2078d ago

"I know some people have extra external or internal hard drives sitting around, but we shouldn’t have to resort to that. Flash storage is cheap and Nintendo should have indulged a bit more on its hard drives."

Nice written piece. The author addresses some pros and cons about the Wii U good stuff. ;)

Shok2078d ago

IS flash storage cheap though? Last time I checked internal flash storage is much more expensive per-gig than HDDs.

Anyone know exactly how much flash storage has dropped in price over the years?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

You can buy a 1TB External Drive from 100 to 200 Dollars.

250 GB for 50 to 70 Dollars.

Flash is way more reliable than HDDs, plus, no friction and heat.

Also, I like the fact that you can use the Flash Drive for other stuff.

Edit: Last time I checked.

Neonridr2078d ago

I have never had a problem with an external drive. Plus you know that companies like Microsoft rip you off selling you a 320 GB hard drive for the 360 for like $150...

The fact that Nintendo just let you plug in any old hard drive is a fantastic idea.

darthv722078d ago

it isnt just any old hard drive. you should really have one with its own power supply. I have tried 2.5 external that is bus powered and it wasnt able to spin properly.

Now i can plug that same 2.5 external into my 360 or ps3 and it works so it could be there is a limit as to the amount of current draw the drive uses.

A self powered hdd seems more reliable as it draws current from an external source. I happened to still have a bulky 3.5 320gb hdd and I plugged it into the wii-u and it worked perfectly.

The idea is sound about using any hdd but the practice needs refining. If it doesnt work with one style (not all bus powered drives work), try another style (either self powered or use an additional usb power cable).

also, nintendo recommends a real hdd (2.5 or 3.5) because they say that flash drives have limits to the number of reads/writes as well as the quality of the chips can differ with transfer rates.

I use the ext hdd for all demos but i do use the 3gb internal space for the smaller stuff like punch out, fzero and nano assault neo. I also use a 4gb SD card for all wii related content (saves, wiiware)

MNGamer-N2078d ago

I just bought a brand new in box 2TB external drive for my WIIU on e-bay yesterday for $80 bucks. Seagate. Was a nice find, and now I can download all I want yay!

jaymart2k2078d ago

I prefer how Nintendo is handling the hard drive space better.

With Microsoft your forced to pay for there over priced Xbox 360 only hard drives.

Sure you can use any external hard drive, guess what?

Greedy scums cap those out so you can only use 2gb of it. Yet again forcing you to buy 1 of there over priced hard drives.

Even a fanboy can see I'm right.

koehler832078d ago

Don't use the 360's storage solutions as a yardstick.

Sucitta2078d ago

you may have save some dough on the HDD but you will lose it all to the high priced Nintendo games that include tax..

does anyone know why Nintendo charges tax on Digital content and yet Sony PSN does not?

as far as I know, Digital content does not need to be taxed. So then what does Nintendo do with the tax I fork over?

The only thing Ive bought on my WiiU was Trine when it was on sale and I won't be buying anything else until they remove the sales tax and attach my purchases to my nintendo ID.

Ive already had a 3DS stolen from me and I had downloaded a few games like Zelda/Mario3d/NewSuperMario and when I purchased my new 3DSXL I was SHOCKED to find out that I could not retrieve any of my digital purchases..

even after calling Nintendo, they would do nothing.. I felt so robbed and haven't spent a cent on them since..

Sucitta2078d ago

honestly. I'm in Ontario, Canada and I have never been charged tax on anything I buy off PSN.

checked with my friend just now 15 mins away and same for him, no tax.

this is going on 5 years now, I have never been taxed on PSN.

Gemmol2078d ago

I got charge with tax on PSN, maybe its because I live in NY, but I have not bought a game online in over a year and half on PSN so who knows maybe Sony took away taxes

sway_z2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

One can't help feeling the Wii U would have faired a lot better had it been released early 2011.

My reasoning is that Nintendo clearly wasn't ready for Wii U's launch. It takes roughly 2 years for software technologies to improve, and developers to create something astounding.

Sadly, the Wii U's best moments will be in the wake of PS4 and Xbox's impending intimidating shadow. Agree or not, that is a matter of fact.


On second thought, Xbox Next's PR isn't doing very well at the moment, and if rumours ring true, then Wii U will be everybody's favourite 2nd console.

chrisarsenalsavart2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

j know my wii u will have plenty good games to play on pretty soon.
ps4 and wiiu are my consoles of choice gor next gen. its been like this for the past 3 gens and i don,t see any reason 4 me to change that.

sony and nintendo are really the true gamer consoles.

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