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You Know you’re a Playstation Fan When…

There are just times in everyday life that you know that you have your ‘PlayStation showing’. If you’re a fan of Sony and their always hot gaming consoles, it’s hard to hide the love you have for PlayStation. Because we are so familiar with how it feels to be at complete awe with our gaming consoles we thought we would put together an article about things only a true PlayStation fan could relate to and respect.

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Community1715d ago
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NeverEnding19891715d ago ShowReplies(6)
TheSuperior 1715d ago

You side with the PS4 when you havent even heard any 100 percent confirmed details about the next xbox. lol oh wait this article is actually in good nature... oopss

Snookies121715d ago

Lol, well I know I'm getting a PS4, although I certainly won't side with it. I want to see what MS has to offer as well, and possibly grab up the next Xbox too. (Assuming a lot of these rumors aren't true about it.)

SegataSanshiro1714d ago

So you're 100% bent on buy a machine based on brand loyalty without even knowing what the DIRECT competitor's machine will be like? OK not a fanboy at all i see

Snookies121714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

@SegataSanshiro - Did you even READ my comment? I stated it quite plainly. We've already seen what the PS4 has to offer. I like it, so I am going to be buying one. We have NOT seen what the next Xbox has to offer, so I am waiting to see what they announce about it. If I like that too, I'll buy that as well. So it makes me a fanboy to consider buying both a PS4 and a 720? Lol

GrandTheftZamboni1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


That's the whole purpose of branding. You know what to expect when you see McDonalds sign and what to expect when you see Ruth's Chris Steak House sign.

MaxXAttaxX1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Dumbest comments ever. The only reason why someone would think this way, is because they're mad that others are buying a system that is not of their choice, plain and simple. Fanboyism.

With a brand comes familiarity. We've already seen a preview of the system features and games to come. I already know the type of games I'll be getting on the PS4.

It is not the same as coming to the conclusion that one system is better than the other. You can still prefer one over the other regardless.

NukaCola1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I am a fan of Playstation because I have been gaming on Sony's systems since 1996 and have a ton of great memories. I love their games and their quality and they have never failed to amaze me. I also enjoy some games on the original Xbox and a few on 360 as well. I wasn't a huge Wii fan, but loved Nintendo much prior. I think being 27 and have played a ton of titles over the years, makes me a seasoned gamer and someone who knows what I like. I didn't start this or last gen so in my opinion, my thoughts aren't for an elitist one sided view, I just say what the ones and zeroes in my brain are thinking.

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remanutd551715d ago

When you ask for the most brutal off road racing game ever created to be on the next playstation, yea Evo you know what i want.

darthv721714d ago

motorstorm would be super sweet to have. Pacific rift was my favorite in the series.

SegataSanshiro1714d ago

Everyone grow the hell up, get a Saturn

darthv721714d ago

US and JP one. Saturn Metal slug is best version next to neo-geo original (which i have as well).

Freedomland1713d ago


Cocozero1715d ago ShowReplies(2)
Gimmemorebubblez1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

....You buy every available PS console.

JamieL1714d ago

I've bought every Playstation platform every (save Vita, due to the fact I can't physically use it, or I would have one) and on this site I am a "Xbox fanboy", or so I've been told. So just having owned every PS console does not make you a fanboy. So as far as your comment, False.