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$500 Would Be Too Expensive For Xbox 'Durango'

Speculation about Microsoft‘s next Xbox is ramping up these days, especially with regard to continuing rumors that the system will require an internet connection to function. Veteran Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrott chimed in recently, sounding awfully confident about some numbers. A big “rumor” caveat here, but he said that the Xbox “Durango” would cost $500 or $300 with a subscription. (Xbox One)

Snookies12  +   755d ago
You do not know this, and quite frankly it's stupid to think that. We have NO idea what's inside the next Xbox. The thing could have a Titan inside it (not that it would lol, just saying...) Until we actually KNOW what the specs are, we have no way of saying what is too expensive.
Hicken  +   755d ago
Well, given how the PS3 and Vita were received at their higher prices, I think- especially if the PS4 is $50-100 cheaper- a $500 price tag would be deemed too expensive.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there- you can see em all over this site, for example- who will buy it anyway. But I think that if it's comparable to the PS4 in specs, but runs at $499 or more, it won't sell well.
CarlosX360  +   755d ago
Thing is, for PS3, the specs justified the purchase. I even bought it at $600. Granted, it stung like a bee, but I thought "What the hell, it's Sony." Then MGS4 was about to release a whole year from the date of the purchase. I got my price-match at $500 because of the price drop that Sony made at the time.

People don't buy things just because of price. They buy things because of the brand. 50 Million Xbox 360 owners will flock unless Microsoft really f*cks up.

If Sony can get away with the price, then Microsoft surely can. 3DO costed that much, but 3DO was pretty new, especially as a company. Nevermind it was founded by the same guy that founded EA, it's still new, and to compete with other gaming kings (Nintendo, SEGA, Atari and Sony at the time) you would need a pretty strong reputation. Not at a person-level, I mean at the company-level.

I didn't even know about 3DO until one day in Redwood City, where I happen to live... I tested the machine. I walked away impressed, because at the time, 32Bit was far and wide. A perfect port of Super Street Fighter II? Sold. But even then, not a lot of people knew about 3DO. That's why it bombed, and the price didn't help matters at all, either.
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thechosenone  +   755d ago
Too expensive? Get a second job you lazy bums! I think it's the perfect price point for such a hot commodity like the next-gen xbox.
Blaze929  +   755d ago
even at that, too expensive for who? $199.99 USD is still too expensive to a lot of gamers with PS2s...
Godmars290  +   755d ago
The hard core will buy at $500.

All others, general consumers and hardcore "wannabes" will take the $300 subscription deal.

Thing is, how much will the subscription be?
Minato-Namikaze  +   755d ago
Too much for my blood. If they follow the 360's 300 down and a sub at 14.99 a month would come out to 659.76 over 2 years. Now after that 2 years do they continue to charge you the 14.99 or can you then buy a 49.99 subscription?
jaymart2k  +   755d ago
I'm hardcore & won't buy.

The max is $400 for hardcore gamers.
PygmelionHunter  +   755d ago
You tell 'em like it is! Err... Random internet guy?
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pete007  +   755d ago
what do you know of hardcore gamers? youre a hardcore gamer? on a console? I am a hargcore gamer and i spend 1500$/year on hardware, + consoles+games
admiralvic  +   755d ago
While I am not going to get into a debate about whither or not you're actually a "hardcore gamer" (I assume no one really cares either or), it's foolish to claim that there is a price cap for that or really any group out there.

If the new Xbox has good games, interesting features, solid specs and all the other stuff you find important, then I can easily see myself spending $500 on it. Above all, plenty of people forget that the price is second to only the games that come out for the system. If the next CoD, Halo, Battlefield and everything else that matter releases on it, then it will probably sell FAR faster than it being $200 dollars with nothing coming out.
TheUndertaker85  +   755d ago
If its the same as the 360 deal...

2 year contract for Xbox Live prorated at $14.99 a month. That's the equivalent of $360 on top of the initial cost.

360: $99 initial + $360 Xbox Live contract = $449
Next Xbox: $300 + $360 Xbox Live contract = $660
Minato-Namikaze  +   755d ago
assuming you can then buy a regular live sub for the remaning 3 years (assuming its a 5 year life cycle) then thats another $150. $810 dollars would end up being the total cost, i cant justify this when there will be cheaper options with better games (my opinion).
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ziggurcat  +   755d ago
with all of its rumoured "features", $500 would be the final nail in the coffin, i think.
RuleofOne343  +   755d ago
How is that expensive, compared to all devices on the market. That seem about right ,am okay with it & can't wait to buy me one or maybe two.
jaymart2k  +   755d ago
Cause people rather buy a over priced IPad for $500 instead.
admiralvic  +   755d ago
In the iPad / tablets defense, they have far more uses than a gaming console.
BattleReach  +   755d ago
I think 400$ is a great price for a console, but as said above: we don't know the specs yet, so I'll shut my mouth about now.
Grimhammer00  +   755d ago
Thing is...$500 in this economy is a huge deal breaker for mid-casual to casual gamers. Hardcore will buy a PS4 if their really hardcore....or if MS re-think their always online garbage. And yes, their are enough varying sources to claim that as almost a fact.

PS4 would also be way too expensive for almost same reasons at $500.

MS $299 + sub fees (which i'm certain will include xbox live)....is where the world is right now unfortunately.

EDIT - keep in mind that tablets and cell phones do daily tasks that we have all come to need. You can't take your 720 on a bus or to the office. So yes, $500 for a home console that is solely for entertainment is too expensive. If 720 was meant to sell maybe 2mill units in its lifetime like expensive TV's or Stereo systems...sure $500 great!
But their looking to sell 120 million consoles in it's lifecycle. $500 initial cost is too high! They need early adoption to further any price drops and online transactions.
They have no 1 year head start or a HD revolution to help them this time.
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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   755d ago
Man even if it is 400 lets do the math...

Tax = around $15
Xbox Live Gold= $60 unless price goes up
1 game = $60

400+60+60+15 = $535 still a lot.
for always online, no good exclusives plus PS4 will have most of Xbox games and free online. cant ask for more..

im gonna use my money wisely from now on.. not paying for extra shit i can get for free
Minato-Namikaze  +   755d ago
Wait live is 59.99 I thought it was 49.99 (same as PS+). I really dont know
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   755d ago
maybe it is i forgot.
Gamer-40  +   755d ago
No, this options:
More powerful than Ps4, awesome 2-3 new core exklusive IP and old.

Weaker than Ps4, strong focus for Kinect, always online, this price -$500- ridiculous and fail.
lovegames718  +   755d ago
It could be 300 straight and with its supposed focus on Kinect (if true) i def. wont buy that garbage lol
Dlacy13g  +   755d ago
lord... $500 is too much for what? For all the rumors you have heard? **sigh**
PygmelionHunter  +   755d ago
I'm getting a bad feeling about the Durango and PS4's prices. If they end up being around the $500 mark again, I'll probably just wait for a price drop and maybe a slimmer model, depending on what they look like... Again.
Grimhammer00  +   755d ago
I think the sweet spot for early adoption and market dominance is $349. Because a game and extra controller will add another $120. (PS4 or 720)

Sony won't be asking you for two jobs when it's hard enough to get one! How many did they themselves have to lay off? over 10k!

These are different times than 2006

I'll wait till it hits $350. (PS4)
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Gamer-40  +   755d ago
$350 for Ps4?
C'mon..it's a joke.
ichdich  +   755d ago
what so expensive with 500$?

my graphics card cost like this... (680gtx)

so what?
clintos59  +   755d ago
$199 is a good launch for a cable box.
Gr81  +   755d ago
Would be too expensive for ANY home console.
NateCole  +   755d ago
Not expensive for me but the question is will it be worth it?.

It really depends on the type of gamer you are really.

For me back in 2007 $600 for the PS3 was a steal considering it had Blu-ray, standard hard drive, wifi, card slots, HDMI, other OS and PS1 + PS2 BC.

Blu-ray players ten costed 800-1000 and i needed something to fully utilized my Panasonic HD plasma i just bought the as well.

We shall see what the next xbox feature are.
GillHarrison  +   755d ago
Blu-ray made it the PS3 beyond worth it, I still buy PS3s just to use as blu-ray players.
josephayal  +   755d ago
$500 Nice Price, btw i'd prefer ALWAYS ONLINE cuz then you can just always have games up to date, MS take my $500 now
amiga-man  +   755d ago
while M$ charge for online I will never consider the xbox at any price, i'll leave it to the mugs to fall for that scam.
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Daves  +   755d ago
$500 is fine, but when that gets a skewed conversion to GBP £ it will probably about £400-£500 here.

I'm not moaning about the price, just how a product in US$ ends up being almost the same in another currency.

Same with other places. Isn't Australia in the same boat?
TheRealHeisenberg  +   755d ago
$300 USD or less + no f'ing subscription. If not, I'll be passing on the NeXbox. I have similar feelings toward the PS4.
GillHarrison  +   755d ago
I'll take one at $500, if they only focus on games at their announcement conference. Microsoft's last few E3s have been all about social/media.
Themba76  +   755d ago
have fun with always online then hope your internet stays up
StreetsofRage  +   755d ago
Only if it's an extremely powerful machine. I have a good paying job, I'll buy it.
GABRIEL1030  +   755d ago
LOL ¡ The xbox actually cost more of 500¡

Xbox 360 4GB Console w/ Kinect/ 1 controller 299 wallmart
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller - (for player 2)49.99 wallmart
Xbox 360 320GB Hard Drive (Xbox 360) 99.99 wallmart
Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit 19.99 wallmart
Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card 59.99 Amazon

total 530 USD, the same will be with the new 720 They will sell to us a new console by parts, otherwise PS3 has incorporated HDD, Battery in the controllers and Free online ¡... Maybe I'll change to PC or PS4. , the 360 is great but i dont like the Microsoft policy... :/
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mochachino  +   755d ago
MS is essentially forcing every Durango buyer to purchase a Kinect 2.

Kinect 1 was f'ng useless. It was as much fun as a free mobile game App, fun for 10 minutes due to its novelty then never used again.
hazardman  +   755d ago
I'm buying at $500.. I paid more for my Xbox 360 and PS3! Thing is I want to see if MS gonna show something good or not. @$500 it must be great or could be the added cost of having a Kinect.
urwifeminder  +   755d ago
Im happy about that price very fair .
Jakens  +   755d ago
I wish it cost more...sad face...
LAWSON72  +   754d ago
No it wouldnt be, many people spend over $500 on a pointless tablet, so i think they could buy a $500 console

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