$500 Would Be Too Expensive For Xbox 'Durango'

Speculation about Microsoft‘s next Xbox is ramping up these days, especially with regard to continuing rumors that the system will require an internet connection to function. Veteran Microsoft analyst Paul Thurrott chimed in recently, sounding awfully confident about some numbers. A big “rumor” caveat here, but he said that the Xbox “Durango” would cost $500 or $300 with a subscription.

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Snookies122050d ago

You do not know this, and quite frankly it's stupid to think that. We have NO idea what's inside the next Xbox. The thing could have a Titan inside it (not that it would lol, just saying...) Until we actually KNOW what the specs are, we have no way of saying what is too expensive.

Hicken2050d ago

Well, given how the PS3 and Vita were received at their higher prices, I think- especially if the PS4 is $50-100 cheaper- a $500 price tag would be deemed too expensive.

Of course, there are plenty of people out there- you can see em all over this site, for example- who will buy it anyway. But I think that if it's comparable to the PS4 in specs, but runs at $499 or more, it won't sell well.

CarlosX3602050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Thing is, for PS3, the specs justified the purchase. I even bought it at $600. Granted, it stung like a bee, but I thought "What the hell, it's Sony." Then MGS4 was about to release a whole year from the date of the purchase. I got my price-match at $500 because of the price drop that Sony made at the time.

People don't buy things just because of price. They buy things because of the brand. 50 Million Xbox 360 owners will flock unless Microsoft really f*cks up.

If Sony can get away with the price, then Microsoft surely can. 3DO costed that much, but 3DO was pretty new, especially as a company. Nevermind it was founded by the same guy that founded EA, it's still new, and to compete with other gaming kings (Nintendo, SEGA, Atari and Sony at the time) you would need a pretty strong reputation. Not at a person-level, I mean at the company-level.

I didn't even know about 3DO until one day in Redwood City, where I happen to live... I tested the machine. I walked away impressed, because at the time, 32Bit was far and wide. A perfect port of Super Street Fighter II? Sold. But even then, not a lot of people knew about 3DO. That's why it bombed, and the price didn't help matters at all, either.

thechosenone2050d ago

Too expensive? Get a second job you lazy bums! I think it's the perfect price point for such a hot commodity like the next-gen xbox.

Blaze9292050d ago

even at that, too expensive for who? $199.99 USD is still too expensive to a lot of gamers with PS2s...

Godmars2902050d ago

The hard core will buy at $500.

All others, general consumers and hardcore "wannabes" will take the $300 subscription deal.

Thing is, how much will the subscription be?

Minato-Namikaze2050d ago

Too much for my blood. If they follow the 360's 300 down and a sub at 14.99 a month would come out to 659.76 over 2 years. Now after that 2 years do they continue to charge you the 14.99 or can you then buy a 49.99 subscription?

jaymart2k2050d ago

I'm hardcore & won't buy.

The max is $400 for hardcore gamers.

PygmelionHunter2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

You tell 'em like it is! Err... Random internet guy?

pete0072050d ago

what do you know of hardcore gamers? youre a hardcore gamer? on a console? I am a hargcore gamer and i spend 1500$/year on hardware, + consoles+games

admiralvic2050d ago

While I am not going to get into a debate about whither or not you're actually a "hardcore gamer" (I assume no one really cares either or), it's foolish to claim that there is a price cap for that or really any group out there.

If the new Xbox has good games, interesting features, solid specs and all the other stuff you find important, then I can easily see myself spending $500 on it. Above all, plenty of people forget that the price is second to only the games that come out for the system. If the next CoD, Halo, Battlefield and everything else that matter releases on it, then it will probably sell FAR faster than it being $200 dollars with nothing coming out.

TheUndertaker852050d ago

If its the same as the 360 deal...

2 year contract for Xbox Live prorated at $14.99 a month. That's the equivalent of $360 on top of the initial cost.

360: $99 initial + $360 Xbox Live contract = $449
Next Xbox: $300 + $360 Xbox Live contract = $660

Minato-Namikaze2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

assuming you can then buy a regular live sub for the remaning 3 years (assuming its a 5 year life cycle) then thats another $150. $810 dollars would end up being the total cost, i cant justify this when there will be cheaper options with better games (my opinion).

ziggurcat2050d ago

with all of its rumoured "features", $500 would be the final nail in the coffin, i think.

RuleofOne343 2050d ago

How is that expensive, compared to all devices on the market. That seem about right ,am okay with it & can't wait to buy me one or maybe two.

jaymart2k2050d ago

Cause people rather buy a over priced IPad for $500 instead.

admiralvic2050d ago

In the iPad / tablets defense, they have far more uses than a gaming console.

BattleReach2050d ago

I think 400$ is a great price for a console, but as said above: we don't know the specs yet, so I'll shut my mouth about now.

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