Fable 2: Episode Five and Six Details and New Concept Art

Albion Knight informs Fable 2 community members,

"A little update on the status of Video Diary 5 and 6 plus a brand new community call!

You'll be happy to know that Lionhead Video Diary Episode Five is finished and gone out for submission to all the appropriate channels. It takes a while to get these things distributed but at least now you all know it's coming! I'm not going to make the same mistake as last time by giving you a date, but I'm hoping it'll be out in the next few weeks but am not counting my chickens just yet. These things take time!"

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iAmPS33690d ago

This game might be fun, but would be so much more on the PS3.

With Blu Ray, Free Online Service, The CELL, Future Home Integration, it would be nuts.

Anyway, I will play it on PC. LoL

Maybe Fable 3 will be awesome when they make it for the PS3.

Boldy3690d ago

The Fable series won't come out on the PS3 because Lionhead Studios is owned by Microsoft Game Studios.

iAmPS33690d ago

I know that, and that is their only mistake.
They could be so much more under Kaz Hirai vast knowledge and wisdom.

Sorry, we will have to put up with this gimped version.

Boldy3690d ago

What are you talking about. Microsoft basically lets Lionhead to do their own thing. Peter Molyneux is one of the most respected and best developer in today's gaming industry. Fable 2 will not be a "gimped" game.

iAmPS33690d ago

It is gimped when you compare it to what it could be on the PS3.

Shadow Man3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I agree with IamPS3 it bothers me that fable2 is going to be 10hrs because of dvd. Why can't microsoft make fale2 on a Dual-layer DVD. This is the reason why I can't stay xbox exclusive this generation. I will buy a ps3 and Fable 2.
But hey u can download Jumper DVD Quality on

Boldy3689d ago

Peter M. stated that the main quest will be 12 hrs. long, that does not include side quests and such. For example when you buy a building there will always be a quest associated with it. Fable 2 will have enormous replay value past the 12 hr. main quest, kinda like Oblivion.

Big Jim3689d ago

12 hours is way too short for an RPG, and side quests always suck, in every game ever made. I really hope the 360 has more than Fable 2 up it's sleeve, otherwise Gears 2 will have to single-handedly support the 360 for all of 2008.

Boldy3689d ago

Are you serious?? Oblivion's main quest was around 30-40 hours but you would be hard pressed to find someone that hasn't put in at least 100 hrs. into the game. Why? Because of exploration and sidequests. Wheather you like it or not, sidequests add alot of playtime to a game.


Boldy, no use on these n00bs. Leave them be.

Big Jim3689d ago

What the....? I may be a blind, irrational, psychotic sony fanboy, but I'm definitely not a noob. I'm not a noob when it comes to N4G, and I'm certainly not a noob when it comes to videogames. I've been playing videogames since you were in diapers. I'm a veteran of the Atari 2600 for ****'s sake. Noob?! Ha!


But u pretty much said 360 only has fables 2 and gears 2, and that's "if???" fable 2 doesn't flop?? oh plz. u need to do some research. 360 has a HELL of a lineup. don't let your fellow droid army members confuse you into thinking PS3 has anything substantial this year other than MGS.

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