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Guerrilla Cambridge’s New Concept Artist Draws Absolutely Fantastic Spaceships and Much More

15m ago - Guerrilla Cambridge is currently working on a PS4 game of which almost nothing is known, and the... | PS4

First Hour: Shadow Warrior (PS4)

16m ago - Blood, Guts, And Ghosts! Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Shadow Warrior On The Playstation 4! | PS4

Chris G talks about fighting games and life as a pro gamer

22m ago - Christopher Gonzalez, also known as NYChrisG or just Chris G, answers GameCrate's questions about... | Xbox 360

Far Cry 4 - Quest For Everest Diary #3

22m ago - Quest For Everest Diary #3 of Far Cry 4. | PC

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Make no mistake: Gamergate condones harassment, of Zoe Quinn, and of others.

28m ago - Todd tried a little Twitter experiment last night. He gets told over and over again that Gamergat... | Culture