MLB 13: The Show's Challenge of the Week is Another NL West Match-up

With pitchers a couple starts into this young season, some are already looking like they are in mid-season form (Hey Yu!) while others seem to be stuck in Spring Training mode (Wassup Roy?). This weeks challenge pits two more opponents from the NL West against each other, both of whom are off to a hot start.

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TerminalGamer2075d ago

R.A. Dickey looked like he was in Spring Training yesterday.

What do you call a knuckleball that doesn't knuckle?

Batting practice.

ftwrthtx2075d ago

By looking at the packed stadiums around the league, some of us are happy it's back. :-)

knifefight2075d ago

Gonna get this cause there's a Pittsburgh Pirate on the cover!

How often does that happen, seriously?