The Reality of Always Online

Gioteck discusses the pros and cons of an always online console and whether we all overreacted to the Microsoft Gaff over twitter concerning having always online consoles.

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JeffGUNZ1928d ago

How many of these articles do we need? I think everyone has made multiple comments about this. When MS announces their console, if they have this feature, then complain. At this point, we know nothing. I don't care about rumors, "anonymous sources" or leaks. The only thing that really matters is what comes out of MS mouth when they reveal their system. At most, we are waiting 2 months, not much time to wait, so I wish these articles would stop being approved and I wish people just were patient.

DigitalRaptor1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Since when were people not allowed to express themselves? To speculate? Especially when it's a burning question in the back of every serious gamer's mind. People should be allowed to express their concern about a potential future where this is a reality. It's a genuine talking point.

Microsoft haven't confirmed anything yet true, BUT they've charged their consumers for Peer 2 Peer online connectivity for a decade and FREE apps for a few years now. What makes it unreasonable to suggest that they won't introduce more anti-consumer practices.

Speculation is normal and you need to "deal with it".

JeffGUNZ1927d ago

It's one thing to speculate, but it's another thing to rehash the same articles over and over. I don't mind people speculating, I do get annoyed with multiple articles telling me the same stuff over and over. Also, Gaiki, or however you spell it, isn't going to be free. The days of free MP are going to the wayside. Sure, PSN might have a basic P2P free service, but if you want those features they were talking about, get ready to pay for them.

DigitalRaptor1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

I have no issue with paying for advanced features. Hint: the word advanced. I'm already paying for those features and it's called PS+. But guess what? I'm given the option, it's reasonable and depending on your situation it's a high value service. Charging for P2P and free apps is nothing short of disgraceful, and how it's not been picked up on in a legal sense is astonishing.

"Also, Gaiki, or however you spell it, isn't going to be free"

Gaikai looks to be the backbone to PS4's online offering. It's pretty obvious parts of its technology will be freely accessible and other features will be added to PS+. If you're already a PS+ subscriber, things are only going to get better.

"The days of free MP are going to the wayside."

Absolutely ridiculous. Microsoft's practices have truly warped your mind. You say this like it's fact when Sony clearly will have a free basic online option, PC always will have free online and so will every other gaming platform - both consoles and handhelds. Other platforms, including PS4 are supporting free-to-play game models and if Microsoft doesn't drop their draconian anti-consumer BS, they're gonna be left behind even more than they would be with an "always online" console.

So no, the days of free MP are not going to the wayside. Just because you support an unreasonable company, doesn't mean everyone else is going to follow suit and FORCE people to pay to play games they've already paid $60 a pop for.

"PSN might have a basic P2P free service, but if you want those features they were talking about, get ready to pay for them."

Like I said, I already do pay for those extra features, happily. Paying for them can in no way be compared to having a ransom put on your games for no reason but corporate greed.

Monkeysmarts1927d ago

The reality of always online is a large number of people can't even voice their displeasure about it. Not everyone who likes gaming has internet - and not all by choice... some don't have it available, some can't afford it. Broadband internet is nowhere close to being common/affordable enough in North America (can't speak for any other region) for a business decision like this.

True or not, people can express their opinions about it. MS has given zero indication that it's not true. Numerous sources, including Paul Thurrott stating it's confirmed, have indicated always online is happening. Excluding current customers is never a good business decision.

Jakens1927d ago

What's scary is how far "always on" might go. It might spread far outside of MS.

Right now my TV is not connected to the internet, and I like it that way.