605 Games Confirmed for OUYA

605 Different games have been confirmed to be coming to the OUYA by developers or OUYA themselves. Here is a list of all 605.

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winkman1338d ago Show
PopRocks3591338d ago

I suppose the question now is how many of those games can I already access on my PC and other consoles.

The_Infected1337d ago

Or how many are worth a shit.

Rusty5151337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

The ouya is more of an indie developer toy than an actual game console. this shouldn't be marketed as one. It's designed to be easily modded and hacked. Personally, I think this little thing will bring in a lot of innovation towards video games. You're definitely gonna see some unique titles from this.

Thirty3Three1337d ago

None of these are "real" games. One even brought me to kickstarter. smh.

CommonSenseGamer1337d ago

And what constitutes a "real" game then?

MrMayhem281337d ago

605 games no one wants to play on a Ouya

AllroundGamer1337d ago

666 games would sound better :)

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