1UP Previews Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

1UP writes: ""I've been calling Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix the sixth version of Street Fighter II," says Lead Designer David Sirlin. "This is the first new SF2 game in 14 years."

He's not talking about HD Remix's Classic Arcade mode, which is just the original moves- and gameplay-intact SSF2T, only redrawn with all new, hi-res, 1080p graphics. Sirlin is referring to HD Remix mode, a completely rebalanced, reworked update. It also has the sharp, beautiful graphics. (You have the option, by the way, of loading up the original, old-school character models in either mode). But this one should play very differently from the SSF2T most people are familiar with".

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iAmPS33755d ago

That was close Xbots, You almost got the "Special" 480p version of the game due to the size "limitation" on your expensive Live.

Microsoft cut you a slack on this one, but they screw up somewhere else.

VIDE SF for the 360: