Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge is a sleeker, bloodier style of ninja - GameZone review

GameZone writes, "Ninja Gaiden 3 was good, but Razor's Edge improves upon the formula in many ways. Though the central problems still weren't fully addressed (mainly the weird-ass story and the camera), the majority of sweet ninja action remains, with additional challenges, decent online multiplayer and gameplay that truly tests your ninja id, no matter what your skill level."

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Grimhammer001777d ago

It really did right the wrongs of NG3. Too bad arroyo no one is interested anymore.

Heavenly King1777d ago

I played the demo, and it was the same as before but with more gore, and harder.

TimelessDbz1777d ago

God I am So glad this game is on the ps3 and 360. Game is so much fun online.

deadfrag1777d ago

Better framerate and no screen tearing on this version on the xbox 360!Frankly i didnt expect they improve game performance but the fact is that this version runs much more smoother than the first version of the game,and with more gore!

Plagasx1777d ago

Please, for the love of god, release a Ninja Gaiden game on PC!