1UP Previews Commando 3

1UP writes: "Like the rest of Capcom's upcoming stable of retro revivals, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 is a modern update of, and a faithful homage to, a classic series. In this case, the series is Commando, the top-down arcade and NES shooter in which the legendary Super Joe made his debut; the homage is a high-definition 3D downloadable game that draws inspiration from its forebears without getting too caught up in dogged imitation. It's simple, it's mindless -- exactly what a Commando game should be.

Even the title is a knowing nod to the game's roots; "Wolf of the Battlefield" is the English translation of the original Commando's Japanese title, Senjou No Ookami. The game boasts three-player simultaneous action (including online-based co-op) straight out of Commando's little-known sequel, MERCs. Characters pick up guns and toss grenades as they battle wave after wave of faceless foes, deadly machines and break down gates and barriers and barracks and towers that dot the path forward".

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