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Bioshock Infinite: 5 Points That Prove It’s Another Sexist Game

"Recent rants by Anita Sarkeesian regarding the promotion of male adolescent power fantasies within video games has reignited the concern of sexism in video games." | EXplosion.com (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

hougigo  +   539d ago
I'd need somebodies help too if I was trapped in a freaking cell with no way out.
There are freaking female enemies... wtf? I've killed multiple female enemies.
Fitzroy used Booker to do something she didn't want to do. Why lose my men or get myself hurt when I can make somebody else do it.
I bet the woman who cried sexism is the same kind that wouldn't breastfeed their male child so he's at a disadvantage to girls who are.
ThichQuangDuck  +   539d ago
This is a satirical article right to raise attention. I believe it is. Because Elizabeth is probably the strongest female character I have seen in a videogame. Daisy as well feel like she could be male or female which shows she is not designed based on her sex. This article was a waste of time to be honest. Appears to be posted for views
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   539d ago
#1 reason it's sexist is because the main protagonist is male instead of female...

Gaming is a male dominated industry... Just like Romance novels are dominantly read by females. Would I scream sexist over the way males are portrayed in romance novels... no, because I don't care. It's entertainment plain and simple but people will find offense in anything.
aliengmr  +   539d ago
When it comes to sexism in video games, I just don't care anymore. There's real sexism out there and its far more important than games.

There could be a game where its entire concept is specifically against sexism and you know it will still be sexist.

Oh, and there were female enemies, lots.

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