Five Features That Will Make or Break Socom Confrontation

"With the recent announcement that EGM's next cover story will feature Socom Confrontation, one can't help but get excited for the game, especially after it seemed to have fallen off the map last winter in terms of announcements and news. The Socom franchise has been the backbone to Sony's online service since late 2002, providing players with competitive gameplay and extensive clan support. To help fill the void between what's rumored to be Zipper Interactive's next entry into the Socom world, Slant Six has promised to give fan's a chance to relive that classic Socom feel, which was undoubtedly absent from both Socom 3 and Combined Assault, by bringing back old maps such as Crossroads and focusing solely on the online multiplayer aspect of Confrontation. However to the fan, that's easier said than done. Here are five features that will make or break Socom Confrontation."

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Joey Gladstone3689d ago

But i believe it was around Socom 3 that I began to lose interest, and now my main online experiences are WarHawk, and COD4....which are both great in their own ways
..."The JOEY has Spoken"

Panthers3688d ago

This game will have both 8v8 and 16v16 options. I believe that 8v8 will be default mode. This means that classic Xroads will still be there, with the extended version being for 16v16.

The online DLC is what really gets me exited with "theme packs" I hope this game brings back the old Socom where I was truly addicted. I have not played a single game like that since Socom 2. Nothing recreates that feeling. Not CoD, R6V, GRAW, Resistance, Warhawk, Nothing.

I am happy seeing this game get some attention. SS needs to release some information on this ASAP. This is the one reason I got the PS3 and the one reason I stuck with Sony.

cain1413689d ago

I hate how in CoD 4, when the other team quits a Team Tactical match, it will stick in another team. I don't want to start down by that much due to another team... Let me get a clean slate...

predator3689d ago

need to see more of this before i can start geting excited over it

cain1413689d ago

I agree as well... I'd love to find out more about this, but it's not near the top of my list right now...

Harry1903689d ago

definitely getting it with the headset.too good
a deal to miss.

Nick27283689d ago

If this is pulled off it would, I think, be another boost for Sony's game line up. Granted they've had success with games like Drake's Fortune and Call of Duty 4 but the more fun to play titles they can make available the better it will be for them.

Watch and wait, I suppose. I'll believe the PS3 will topple the 360 when I see it, though. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.