GTA IV: Multiplayer Details Revealed Soon

Word is coming through that the popular German magazine, Games Aktuell, will have the first details on GTA 4's mutliplayer system in their next issue. The issue is due to go on sale on March 19th, so expect more information around them. GTA IV will feature multiplayer game modes called "Team Deathmatch", "Cops n' Crooks", "Deal Breaker", "Bomb da Base" and "Hangman's Noose", amongst others which we hope to learn about soon. We understand that the magazine got to play two of these modes.

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Joey Gladstone3748d ago

is going to be INSANE....and I would consider cutting back on my COD4 a little bit for this online instead...
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Breakfast3748d ago

Co-op - two people reeking havoc on the city would make my year

Storm233748d ago

That is exactly what I have been saying forever. I want to run around Liberty City with a friend online and just go nuts!

TheExecutive3748d ago

IMO- if there is no co-op this multiplayer fails. I dont care to run around in a bunch of "mini-game" multiplayer maps and kill others. I want to roam the ENTIRE city with friends. I could care less about other features when it comes to the MP for GTA.

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Mr Playboy3748d ago

What about the exclusive DLC ??

Shadow Man3748d ago

and yeah I can't wait for GTA 4 WITH DLC EXCLUSIVE TO xbox 360 FTW!!

BigKev453748d ago

It's going to rule on PSN & Xbox Live. I can't wait.

solar3748d ago

should be interesting.

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