Review: Inner Vision, a game about suicide prevention

Mweb reviews Inner Vision, a Flash game about suicide prevention from indie dev, Sunil Rao.

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HanCilliers2048d ago

YES, finally a game that takes on topics like suicide and depression. Great read

PandaMcBearface2048d ago

I was quite refreshing to find that it was made in such an empathetic manner. This dev is clearly very emotionally involved twith the games he makes.

Choc_Salties2048d ago

Very good to see it, to both to identify and potentially help yourself or others recognizing this.

coolbeans2048d ago

John: Get out.

Jeremy: What? You just said that you happy for me. That...

John: I'm hanging by a thread. I'm playing don't kill myself games...

Jeremy: You said that the game wasn't yours.

John: Don't worry about the game. It isn't mine. But I demoed it.

On topic, that is an interesting game idea and wish this team the best.