Infinity Ward wants to do away with WWII

"In the latest issue of Game Developer magazine, as highlighted by GameSetWatch, Infinity Ward's Zeid Rieke and Michael Boon explain what the future possibly holds for their next COD project and how WWII may not be in those plans."

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pwnsause3563d ago

COD6 FUTURE WARFARE you heard it here first!

Gaara_7243563d ago

cod4 more future warfair lol

Mr Murda3563d ago

WWII is obviously the most epic of modern world conflicts, but it is time for a rest. There are plenty of other conflicts that can be good and still incorporate modern warfare tactics and weaponry. I mean, we could go the first Gulf War, the current War on Terror, or plenty of other conflicts in the past 20 years. Basically, any conflict that has "red dot sights", "scopes", automatic weapons, and "UAVs" (OK, there are no conflicts with UAVs but you get the point).

socomnick3563d ago

Really no uavs though they used them all the time in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

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kingOVsticks3563d ago

back to the history books with you WW11

Mikelarry3563d ago

my god i cant believe how much i love cod4. this is the first ever military game i have enjoyed. wwii is old news now its time to look to the future and as pwn said cod future warfare FTW

Blink3563d ago

please do away with WWII..i've played them all and there is no other gimick you can add now that we haven't seen. Whether it's been in medal of honor or some other crappy game. Look to the future Infinity ward

kapedkrusader3563d ago

But more as a favor for Treyarch, since they are already developing the next Call of Duty which is based on WW2's Pacific battles. I guess most people are sick of WW2 games, but Infinity Ward felt compelled to making it seem like it would be a good game anyway. After all, even though Treyarch renditions are much weaker, Infinity Ward still share the same Call of Duty franchise with them. I find this honorable, but am still skipping CoD5 and buying Infinity Ward's CoD6.

mintaro3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

im just throwing this out there but.......for those who played the epilogue in CoD4, maybe that'll be the first level or somehow connected to CoD6

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