It's time for Microsoft to kill Vista Home Basic

It's been well over a year since Microsoft launched Vista, and it's time for Microsoft to finally pull the plug on Vista Home Basic. Retailers hate it, users are annoyed and frustrated with it, and it's outgrown any initial purpose it may have had.

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resistance1003751d ago

I have never understanded MS move to included striped down versions of there products. Both the CORE 360 and Vista basic are a waste of everybodies time

Darkiewonder3751d ago

Because the things that's in it isn't worth the price and to go better is either pay for an upgrade or just use a different OS all together.

ReBurn3751d ago

The last two PC's I've purchased with Vista I've replaced the OS with XP. Vista just does not run well to me.

SaiyanFury3751d ago

I agree ReBurn. My laptop came with a factory installation of Vista. In 2 months it ate my anti virus for no good reason, and prevented me from reinstalling it, and it ate my touchpad drivers. I then installed my own copy of XP on it and haven't had a problem since. I also tried Vista twice on my PC that's very capable of running it. I could never get my soundcard to work very well in Vista, and that's with the most current drivers available from Creative Labs, the people who make my sound card. After the crap I went through with Vista, I gave my installation disc to my brother in law and went back to XP Pro. I would rather put Mac software on my PC than Vista again, and that's a heck of a statement; as I would NEVER put crApple software on my PC.

season0073751d ago

i do, and if vista run slow on your computer
get a faster one, its not like a NEW one is a fast one...i still see a lot of deal lately online installing vista on sucky computer

Vista NEED 2gb ram at least, DUAL CORE processor is a must, and well if you can afford a little more, use RAID 7200/10000 for desktop and one of those 7200rpm or solid state hdd for laptop....

ReBurn3751d ago

If that's the case then they shouldn't sell it with computers that aren't capable of running it. That's misleading to consumers.

eagle213751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

And your post screams that you care less about consumer value. He also mentions a lawsuit of how Microsoft misled consumers. I know you mean well, but you don't have to read every article on or the internet.

Darkiewonder3751d ago

There's a program that they link for people that are thinking about trying to run vista on their current computer. It checks to see if you have the memory/processor/graphics card capable of running vista. if not, they can upgrade whatever they want, if possible, to make their system be able to run it.

xplosneer3751d ago

It said I could run Vista well on my 512MB DDR2 RAM 2.2 Ghz P4(no HT), and a 5500GT Nvidia. Yeah....right.

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Phil Harrison Mk43751d ago

...the xBox360...
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

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