IGN: Lost Planet: Colonies Hands-On - We play as the Akrid and smoke some fools

IGN writes: "Lost Planet surprised many 360 gamers last January and become one of the more successful action titles on the system for '07. To celebrate the 16-month anniversary of its arrival on 360, Capcom is releasing Lost Planet: Colonies. This special edition, priced at $29.95 for both Xbox 360 and PC, arrives on May 27. Along with the original game, Colonies adds a considerable amount of content in an attempt to make it more attractive for gamers who might feel they've been there, killed that.

The single-player doesn't have any new levels, but adds several different bonus modes. Score Attack gives points for kicking ass as you stomp through the campaign; Trial Battle Mode has you facing off against each Lost Planet boss in quick succession; Off Limit Mode turns off the realism of space combat and goes wild with super-charged weapons and a faster-moving character."

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SuperSaiyan43661d ago

So its a rehash of the same game but with different character??

skynidas3661d ago

So this is the same game with some more content?