Conception: Please Have My Baby gets sequel on 3DS, Vita

Destructoid: "Conception 2 is coming to Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita this summer in Japan. There's no confirmation of a western release just yet, but Spike is gauging interest so at least it's a possibility. The premise sounds hilariously absurd and Lord knows Sony's portable is in dire need of software. Let's all start bugging Atlus, XSEED, and Aksys and make this thing happen."

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Jirachi1687d ago

This a weird idea for a game >.>

SilentNegotiator1686d ago

Not that weird of an idea for the Japanese, though.

Sanquine901686d ago

Ugh what is this sort of game?>>?? It sounds so weird hopefully it is good:D

Hydralysk1686d ago

You'd think that one of these years I'd become immune to Japan surprising me with stuff like this. Somehow that never happens...

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