SOE to report to Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that Sony Online Entertainment will now report to Kazuo Hirai under a new company structure designed to address the growth of the online gaming market.

SOE, based in San Diego, California, is currently part of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

"I am excited to be able to work with SOE even more closely, as online games and services become a more integral part of the PS3 entertainment experience," Hirai said.

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ruibing3688d ago

Yeah, Sony pretty much now has the strongest in-house studio.

sonarus3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

yea but they are so many their organization sucks. Apparently resistance 2 is using sony mo cap technology (used in surfs up and polar express) for resistance 2 though so thats cool. Sony needs to re organize so all their studios can benefit from each other

resistance1003688d ago

'Sony needs to re organize so all their studios can benefit from each other'

well to be fair that happens all ready.

Each studio helps each other out, Insominac, Naughty dog, Sucker punch, gurrila etc all help each other out on all there games. Its why first party ps3 games look leagues ahead of there 3rd party counterparts

Kaz Hirai3688d ago

King Kaz decided to comment so you could all see his marvellous face twice!


resistance1003688d ago

lol keep the comments coming

The Closing3688d ago

You need to get out more often mate.

eagle213688d ago

We are all proud of the momentum since last fall.

demolitionX3688d ago

King KAZ needs bubbles! give him 100s of bubbles. N4G admin: please give the king all the bubbles he wants.

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UnblessedSoul3688d ago

Interesting hopefully they develop online more

Darkiewonder3688d ago

With the Agency around the corner, this should really help bridge the gap when it comes to Console and PC online games [mainly MMO]

Lord Anubis3688d ago

well Kaz is a software guy more than phil so he knows what he is doing. absorbing SOE makes SCEI stronger.

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The story is too old to be commented.