We have the best games, says Microsoft

Xbox Europe boss Chris Lewis has declared 360 has better games than any other console, which he believes will help Microsoft win the hardware war.

Speaking to our old friends Lewis said, "We do, genuinely, I think, have the best games for both the core and the masses...

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niall773751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I guess Ill sell my ps3 and get a 360 now.

Thanks for the update MS

its so good to hear from someone with a unbias view :)

sonarus3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

lol thanks for reminding us msoft.

Why do these guys always feel like they have something to prove. Always reminding us their games look and play better. When that stopped having it became achievement points. Common msoft we get it, you are better. Now do you mind if i play some new games in peace what only ninja gaiden and gears of war 2 that i want to play. :(

Mr Playboy3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

"360 has better games"

Every real gamer should know that, 360 has better games than PS3 at the moment or in this generation and multiplatform games too.

Exhaust3751d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Seriously its the same interview same comments by the same people.

It appears the majority of the contributors are just looking for more flamebait to post.

"LOLZ 360 games sux. PS3 is wayz better!"....

"No way dude 360 is way betters!"...

"Dur you're stoopid let me prove it by showing how stoopid I am!!"...

Lets go back and forth for no reason for what ultimately boils down to personal preference and blind corporate loyalty. Redundant comments in a flame forum won't prove the point on either side. Grow up and find some real news to discuss.

Now press the disagree button because I didn't join in on the pointless juvenile flame war.

fermcr3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I'm no console fanboy (have a PC and PSP)...but realistically... at this moment the xbox360 has better games then the PS3.

In the future (in 1 or 2 years) maybe the PS3 will have better games (depend if the games coming are good or not). But at this moment the xbox360 has better games.

i will say it again for everyone to understand.... At this moment the xbox360 has better games (in 1 or 2 years this may be deferent)

meepmoopmeep3751d ago

looking from your statement you don't seem to know what a REAL GAMER is, it's a shame your ignorance keeps you from playing great games on all consoles. your loss.

Mr Playboy3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Sorry but already have a PS3, as matter of fact I bought mine in the European Launch,I think it was in 23rd of march, not sure about the date

also, I played uncharted, RAC, RFOM and motor storm,they are great games, but hands down for the xbox360, it has better and bigger library in this generation


you to

meepmoopmeep3751d ago

well, you have a right to your opinion. enjoy gaming.

Lifendz3750d ago

They have the best games, the best online community, the best system (in terms of power), and yet they're getting beat by a system that's more expensive and has "no games" as you guys say.


Lifendz3750d ago

What does the bigger library mean? Do you buy games just to buy games? I mean, if the games aren't quality then what's the point? You want to say 360 has the best games that's one thing but whenever you guys say the most games I just could care less.

mikeslemonade3750d ago

They have the best games for 2007. PS3 will have the best games from here on out.

Mr Playboy3750d ago

I didn't say bigger means better quality games

I just said the xbox360 has better and bigger library, I'm talking about facts bro

However, I agree with you about the quality

Bubble Buddy3750d ago

Microsoft also has the biggest mouth.

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wow4u3750d ago

I forsee a continued domination of the industry by the Xbox 360.

You're "vision" is little more than unrealistic wishfull thinking. A "prayer" maybe.

Perhaps you've overlooked the 10 Million console gap?

INehalemEXI3750d ago

LMAO @ people who think 360 is dominating the industry.

znu3750d ago

ummm, well u see, the thing is... well, the wii is actually dominating the market at the moment, srry

I personally dont like the wii over 360 or Ps3 but as of now, ur comment failed

Lucreto3750d ago

Yes is will dominate if they keep feeding the shooter fans which is about 95% of the fanbase.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3750d ago


What domination? As far as I can see the Wii is doing much better then the 360 and PS3. IMO the 360 is currently doing the worst of the 3.

hitthegspot3750d ago

Worst? You have a point when were talking about hardware, but the story is about software. The 360 has the greatest attach rate in this market, hands down. The only reason why PS3 spiked in Feb was due to HD conceding. Back to the article attach rate = $$$

MADGameR3750d ago

But lets say SONY's PS3 outsells the 360's overall world wide sales. MS fans have NO excuse!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3749d ago

@ hitthegspot

True this is about software.

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Harry1903750d ago

for saying the truth.
metacritic anyone?

wow4u3750d ago

Since the release of the Xbox 360, it has certainly had the highest Metacritic average over the whole library.

poos33750d ago

ur brain is slow? the 360 has 360+games in its library the ps3 has like 130 which console do u think will have more bad reviews ofc the 360 as its has a much more games that have been reviewed

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3750d ago


And ps2 has been out longer then that.

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Blademask3751d ago

more and more annoying.

No substance, no game news, just bragging that falls on deaf ears. Sony never boasts, neither does nintendo. MS is in a self confidence debate with itself.

lodossrage3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Sony boasted a couple of times. But not at the level of ignorance that MS has. Even nintendo boasted maybe twice. But by far MS is the one that really TRIES to flex muscle.

I like how MS keeps spoon feeding the media "we have better games" though. Like an MS employee is gonna say anything other than that.

Newflash MS, just because you have MORE games due to being out longer does NOT mean you have better games.

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Bill Gates3751d ago




*Almost dies laughing.

iAmPS33750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

360 Has Gaylo, Gaylo 2, Gaylo 3, Queers of War and soon Queers of War 2.

That's about it, the rest is multiplats.

Sorry Microslaves, the fun is over, you sucked all the fun out of nazisoft and all you have now is an empty pocket and a defective piece of gaming console.

Go pay $60 a year for an online network that crashes, buy accessories that are more expensive than the console itself, have to deal with the RROD every time you wanna play Queers of War.

When you look at all that, all I can think of is the sad masochist relationship between Nazisoft and its Microslaves.

You PIGS have no self respect and Nazisoft its exploiting that. Now don't cry on the coming years when PS3 crashes your little RROD Console, you saw it coming.

May Sony Gods Bless Their Souls!!!!

tehReaper3750d ago


What does the PS3 have right now? Uncharted and Ratchet. Oh yeah, and Lair(ahahah).

You can't deny that Microsoft has some great games. Mass Effect, Bioshock, Halo 3, Gears. If you do deny that, then you're just a blind fanboy.

So, guess what, while I'm playing all the games you'll be playing(I have a PS3 as well) in the coming months, I'll also be playing all the 360 games coming out. If anyone is a slave, it's you.