New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon X and Y

A new and inventive Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y has been leaked!

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Root1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

This is a joke....right ?


It is a joke....thank god

Snookies121868d ago

It's pretty bad when we're not even sure and have to question it... Considering a lot of Pokemon these days are so uninspired, you just never know...

Regardless, I will be getting X/Y. I'm interested to see how they change things up for a 3D environment.

kirbyu1868d ago

I wasn't entirely positive it was a joke, not because Pokemon designs have gotten worse, but because I'm a guy who believes pretty much anything without confirmation. But I would never say current Pokemon designs are this bad. If we ever do see one this bad, it'll probably be in Gen 12.

GenericNameHere1868d ago

Can we please stop this Gen V hate?? It's been 3 years, stop it. Gen I (the Gen that most people call the best because it's the only one they played) has as much, if not more, horribly designed Pokémons. Some may say it's because it was the first Pokémon gen, so they had to take it as simple as can be, and there were no standards back then. Well, we're several months away from Gen VI, and I think each gen surpasses the last. Each gen has their own specific themes, and ALOT of the Pokémons in that region's Dex list cater to the region's theme, so I don't think there's really a "standard" for what a Pokémon looks like, other than they are Monsters that are held on your Pockets.
I'll be getting Gen VI, and enjoying AND hating some of the new Pokémons, but I won't go and think "Gee, these Pokémons look terrible. I better hate this gen like my friends do, or else I'll be left out!!"

PS sorry for LOOOOOOOONG rant

ApolloTheBoss1868d ago

Why is fanart so much better than real pokemon these days? I that's a joke but this should the be the new evolution for voltorb.

kirbyu1868d ago


Maybe because fans don't have to design 150 within a time limit.

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cloud4951868d ago

Lol, a bit late for April fools.

RockmanII71868d ago

Voltcube! It has a speed stat of 0, and is the lamest pokemon in existence. (square). Also, when 27 of them come together, they evolve into RUBIKSVOLTCUBE, the puzzle pokemon.

Y_51501868d ago

Funny! It doesn't make any sense at all! XD

Jirachi1868d ago

I WANT IT,idc if it's real or not

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