Fatal Frame to Send Chills on PSN

The spine-chilling survival horror game, Fatal Frame (known as Project Zero in Europe), will be making its way onto the PSN for everybody to face their fears with the Playstation 2 classic.

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clintos591842d ago

The ps2 library was so huge I never got a chance to play a few gems like this one. Im glad I will be able to play it through psn. I hope they can syphon filter series or hd remake.

jc485731842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )'s just sort of strange when Nintendo owns the franchise (I think) and Tecmo is re-releasing a classic title that came out on the PS2 and now for the PSN. So what are they trying to do now? Are they taking the franchise back and fully own it again? So the reason why they are getting away with this is because they are not making any changes to the game, just simply putting it up on PSN or at least coded to be playable on PSN.

Buuhan11842d ago

Nintendo owns "a large portion" of the Fatal Frame series, not the series itself, or at least that's what I can grasp. But even if they did, they have no ownership over the releases that hit other consoles, that's Tecmo's property.

Chrono1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Nintendo owns Pokemon, but they released a Pokedex app for iPhone.

Sony is still releasing online games for the PC, most recently: Dragon's Prophet, Wizardry Online, etc.

Microsoft owns Age of Empires, but there are two Nintendo DS games.

Rush1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

The PC example for Sony doesn't really work, Microsoft does own Windows yes, but it gains zero royalties and has zero creative control over the content released for the PC.

Both Nintendo and Apple gain royalties and have creative control over their platform/distribution method.

sherimae24131842d ago

fatal frame 1-3 are all released on PS2
the only execption is the 4 and it also never released overseas and also that spin-off game for 3ds

i think tecmo has the rights to this games and nintendo only help to published the 4th game

for example bayonetta 2 ^_^

core_51842d ago

This game has define the genre ..

Skate-AK1842d ago

Nice. I have all 3 for PS2.

SolidGear31842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I've been wanting an HD collection for years but this will do for now ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.