Video Games As Art

One of the most highly debated and hotly defended topics in the video game world is not between consoles or franchises, but if video games have earned the distinction of "art". On both sides of the divide are ardent attackers and defenders; each convinced that the other is wrong, and neither willing to hear anything else about it.

This is not professing to be the final word in this debate; rather, this is just a different take on the debate, not a justification of one side's argument over the others.

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Timesplitter141844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

I think video games are clearly art but this doesn't necessarily mean much. Art just means it's something creative. Art can be total uninspired crap too, sometimes.

The Mona Lisa is art, but personally, I don't fall on my knees and start crying every time I see it.

People seem to have this double standard where they have extremely high standards for newer mediums but take all older forms of art for granted.

DigitalRaptor1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Video games are art. Just like music is art, just like film is art, just like literature is art, and just like paintings and sculptures are art. They contain art from artists. They are creations following a person or multiple persons' vision. Some are more "artsy" than others, but they all contain elements of artistic expression. Emotion influenced expression is art.

Video gaming is the newest and least mature medium out of all of these so it's under the largest amount of swift scrutiny as to whether or not they can be considered art.
Some art is better composed. However, art is driven by opinion, and whether or not you connect to a certain type of art is formed from opinion. So whether or not something is considered art varies from person to person and thus this discussion will never end.