GR Radio: Bioshock Infinite Roundtable - SPOILERS, duh.

Show Notes:

Panel: Daniel_Bischoff, Alex_Osborn, Jonathan_Leack

This week's soundtrack brought to you by Bioshock Infinite.

GameRevolution's Bioshock Infinite Review: "Despite my intention to stay firmly in spoiler-free territory with this review, Infinite improves on its predecessors by miles in gameplay, meaning even a late-game secret won't ruin the experience for anyone with a mild interest in first-person shooters with strong storytelling."

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alexcosborn1843d ago

Awesome show. Love me some BioShock!!

knifefight1843d ago

Bookmarked for later listening. Gonna finish Bioshock 2 first.

ftwrthtx1842d ago

Is finishing Bioshock 2 necessary?

alexcosborn1842d ago

Nope. Don't even bother with BioShock 2.

knifefight1842d ago

I like to play 'em in order to see the evolution of a series! ^_^

dbjj120881842d ago

I agree. You don't need to play the other games for Infinite.

Wedge191842d ago

Great show! And amazing game. Some of the theories on this are crazy. The deeper you dig, the more you can find.

dbjj120881842d ago

So many layers. The voxophones are my favorite part of the game.