Battlefield 4 getting Road To Jalalabad map?

According to the latest rumors, Battlefield 4 is getting a remake of the BF2 map Road To Jalalabad.

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SJPFTW1120d ago

YES PLEASE. One of my favourite maps in BF2. Half the map is a urban city good for close quarters infantry combat and the other half is wide open space good for vehicles. has everything, good for all playstyles

Lone_Man1120d ago

this game is going to get banned once again in Islamic countries...

GamingManiac1120d ago

Why? Which game has been banned before?

Rearden1119d ago

BF3 was banned in Iran.

GamingManiac1118d ago

Well that's just stupid...

angelsx1120d ago

Who care.They don't buy games.

Lone_Man1120d ago

now you are commenting just like Adam Orth...

Tultras1120d ago

Heck, I'm from PAKISTAN and I LOVE to play video games.

Have a vita, ps3 and a PC.

Don't generalise please. :)

Detoxx1120d ago

What are you talking about ? Im colonel 100 on BF3 and Rank 50 on BFBC 2

wenaldy1120d ago

Here we go again, Im muslim and I live in the largest muslim population in the world and have shitload of games to be played..!!!!

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Fil1011120d ago

Even though I loved BF3 I couldn't help but feel the maps that were on the disk where although great kinda the same look and colour. Now I am a premium member and the maps in the dlc are brilliant and add differance and colour to the game in a whole. I guess what i'm trying to say is that please let the maps that ship with BF4 be varied and different.

Tultras1120d ago

I don't think this should happen, I feel originality dies with things like this.

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