Rumor: A couple of Xbox 360 successor tidbits, Microsoft to ship $99 360 console

GE: "During the latest "WhatTheTech" podcast, well-known technology blogger Paul Thurrott shared a bit of rumored details regarding the Xbox 360 successor."

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Prcko1595d ago

''claims that Microsoft intends to ship a $500 standard console as well as an alternative subscription model for $300. As speculation has suggested, the new system will require an Internet connection to properly function''

omg nooo,why the hell microsoft doing this :((
500$ standard??? i hope not

dedicatedtogamers1595d ago

This isn't unusual. Microsoft is trying to take over the living room, not be a gaming company. They want you to use a Microsoft-brand box for your media. If you happen to play games on it, okay, but if you use it for cable TV, music, and whatnot, that's fine too, because that's what Microsoft wants.

Prcko1595d ago

so no more hardcore next gen???
less exclusive games and stuff?

NewMonday1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

$500 standard(unlocked) and a subsidized"always online" $300 can be understood. at least we get an option.

edit:"It was also relayed to him that the device does indeed require a constant internet connection to function"
so no option! and it's a locked down low spec W8 box, no thanks I will keep my open W7 gaming PC.

BlackBusterCritic1594d ago

@Prcko, "so no more hardcore next gen???
less exclusive games and stuff? "

That's what has been happening since 2008 this gen.

thechosenone1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

So no used games, always connected & strict DRM, no offline play, expensive. If Sony comes in at the rumored price point of $399-$450 and allows everything that the next xbox won't, it'll devastate the 720.

Sony has executed its plan beautifully. Bravo.

save you from having to search it out yourself, when they talk about DRM and price point.

ALLWRONG1594d ago

"so no more hardcore next gen???
less exclusive games and stuff?"

If we go by this gen the 360 has more, of everything.

sengoku1594d ago

you know that if M$ wanted to get in the tv cable business they could have released a separate device for this market, but they already know this would fail.

so now they want to screw over core segment of there xbox install base to force a entry in to this market. they don't care that we just want to play good games, they want us to help them get into this market and if a few fanboy's get lost because of it they don't care.
they know that if they could get into this market they could stand to gain millions and millions of new customers.

NO always online console for me..
even if my consoles are connected all the time.
it's my choice if they are connected not theirs

nukeitall1594d ago


"so now they want to screw over core segment of there xbox install base to force a entry in to this market."

They are not screwing over any consumers, because they know from their own statistics when you are connected to Xbox LIVE that people use their Xbox 360 for other forms of entertainment as well.

MS knows how much I use my Xbox 360 for Netflix, Vevo and so on. I actually use those features more than I play games, but that is because of time and convenience.

I think MS knows their audience the best from the 3 console manufacturers, as they have the most extensive platform to collect data from users over the longest period of time.

So no worries.

Boody-Bandit1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I'm holding off until the official announcement and details from MS. BUT if these rumors are true I don't see myself getting a Next Box any time soon if ever. I am a Forza addict and the 360 was far and away my gaming platform of choice over the past several years and I own them ALL.

I majority of games I play I rent or purchase used. Also I game offline probably 20% of the time. This would be an inconvenience for me and I am rather fond of not wasting money on games I know I will blow through in a couple days (action adventure & platform games) and send back to GF for my next game.

Again, I will wait until E3 but so far these rumors are frustrating me. Only because MS is not refuting ANY of them. Hopefully MS is just testing the water to see how this would go over and they take the more traditional route in gaming. If not this just wreaks of more greed and control.

I honestly don't understand why those that are hesitant on here are getting so many disagrees. You guys that are disagreeing only purchase new and don't want any resale or trade in value, EVER? Come on fellow gamers you can't be serious.

Bobby Kotex1594d ago

Exactly, apps like Netflix are highly profitable for Microsoft and they're going where the $$ is.

sikbeta1594d ago

WOW -> X360 @ $99 = overkill make it $150 and you have total domination, but lower price is better for all, so yay!

Nodoze1594d ago

That is ALL MS wants. They could care LESS about games. This is why I do not understand why gamer's seem to think that MS has their interests in mind. They don't. Games have and will continue to be a means to an end. They want to 'own' the living room. They will do anything to obtain this.

Clarence1594d ago

They are definitly focusing on making the next Xbox a cable box. The question is this what gamers want.

Dfooster1594d ago

They've gone to get one in every living room but instead they've lost one in every bedroom. RIP Xbox

Yi-Long1593d ago

... I have a huge library of great 360 games, but without BC, among other issues, there's no way I'll be picking up a next-gen X-box, so to know that for 100 bucks I can safeguard my currnet library of games, is reassuring.

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NastyLeftHook01595d ago

i hope not either, and you have the coolest avatar on this site.

pete0071595d ago

well, if it sports s dual gpu and all else rumors are spreading, ill get it even for 600, and you all ps fans, a bit of silence please cause it may remind you of something.....

GenericNameHere1594d ago

Remind us PS fans... Of what? The price point?
I don't remember Sony forcing PS3 owners to have a perfect Internet connection to play a single-player offline game...

Why o why1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Pete prefers Microsoft. All his comment reminds me of was the ps3 was the cheapest bluray player in the market and it was their library of games and their habits of the prior gen that made me spend that extra money NOT its cpu. Games Pete. It's my primary reason I purchased that console

MaxXAttaxX1594d ago

You weren't forced to buy the $599 premium model.

stage881595d ago

Put it this way:

If you're more into gaming go for the PS4
If you want more of a media centre go for the xbox

Godmars2901594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

They're still going to have the Halo/COD/Madden monkey to rely and hook people on.

Not to mention small details glossed over advertising.

Skips1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )



Sony: "PS4 is a gaming console at heart".

Microsoft: "Xbox is a family friendly entertainment center"

Both have done a VERY good job at showing which market they are more focused on. Which will probably continue on to next gen too.

AngelicIceDiamond1594d ago

@Stage, Sonic and Mars already have there crystal ball and labeling the next box before the thing isn't even announced. Yeah, that's not fanboy talk at all...

RonRico1594d ago

IDK almost every rumor out there is pointing to this conclusion of media center vs gaming center. Seriously listen to some of the developers over the last several weeks.

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1594d ago
Godmars2901594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

At $300.

That they'll make money back on subscriptions - time lock subscriptions - is besides the point.

Actually, this is no different than when they first offered the Xbox1 at a "discount" with a required subscription to their internet provider service at the time.

Notice how they're not into providing internet anymore.

die_fiend1594d ago

People don't buy consoles as media hubs. Don't people get most things through their TVs nowadays? Why do I need lovefilm, netflix and all this other crap when I've already got several other ways to do it. Microsoft better not let the core gamer down like they have these last 2-3 years otherwise it's curtains

dcbronco1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Given what ratings have shown and the growth of Netflix since consoles started offering it you're way off.

It seems gamers spend a lot of time watching movies on their consoles. Up to a third on some consoles.

Even Netflix says consoles drive their service.

die_fiend1594d ago

Thanks for the links. I won't be visiting any of them. I'm glad you're fully in admittance that the majority of people use consoles to play games tho. You could just press agree on my comment in future

Peanuts1101592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

When I first got Xbox Live obviously for Multiplayer gaming. Then MS added Netflix to it (as well as other services). It was a nice feature. How ever the sneaking thing they did with it was add all the features to the Gold Service. Where as Sony/PS3 was a free download (No subscription required from Sony). Why should I pay MS for a Netflix service I already subscribe to? The PS4 Sounds better and better all the time. What cracks me up about MS/Xbox360 it was suppose to be a two tier service, Silver and Gold. What was the benefits to Silver anyway? Too scared to cancel Gold to find out.......

PSVita1594d ago

$500 isn't even a lot.

wishingW3L1594d ago

it was a lot for the PS3 and many people jumped ship because of that.

NeoTribe1594d ago

Your so right. Its rediculous the disagrees your getting. To many broke unemplyed gamers ic. Seems to be normal to spend 500 on a phone youll have for a year, or a 1200 computer youll have a few years, but god forbid you spend 500 on a gaming console that you will have for 10 plus years. The world and the people in it are retarted.