12 HD quality screenshots from Iranian game“ E.T.Armies ”

Of course you have watched the new trailer of this game and some of you might have not expected such thing ! Now you can download 12 HD screenshots from this trailer here.
The game happens in a far future; mankind has found new planets as their new homes and as the world expands itself the hunger for power and supremacy rises. Although many new homes are found, our mother land earth is fallen and is no place to wage more war on. Abandoning our homeland seems to be the only answer to our survival. However, not all can leave. From all over the world a new nation is born to fight for their survival in a dead planet. But it’s all just a small spark, a spark of hatred that may set fire upon our new homes one day, one day that the hunger for power turns that sparkle into flame.

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Walker1841d ago

Looks alot like a clone of Mass Effect but this is unbelievable as a Persian game !

Hydrolex1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

oh nvm, looks good !

ginsunuva1840d ago

Does Persian mean you were expecting something bad?

3-4-51840d ago

I think what he means is...How many games out of "persia" have been good or even known about ?

I think / hope it was a compliment.

wenaldy1840d ago

Wow, props to Iranian gaming industries..

wishingW3L1840d ago

this really doesn't look very good. Is this an indie game?

ghasemn1840d ago

as far as I know , there is no big budget for making this game (or other games in iran). so you can call it indie.

DeadlyFire1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

A or AA quality title.

Its Iran. They don't really have a big budget development front for video games. They are just starting out really. If success maybe a bigger budget comes along later. As long as it works and is fun.

India, and Russian developers should boom in the next decade as well. They have an emerging gaming industry forming over there. Could skyrocket up pretty fast.

Reverent1840d ago

I hope the game is successful. We really don't have enough variety when it comes to developers and it will be really nice to see what people from around the world can come up with.

As for Russian developers... I absolutely cannot wait for Survarium.

ginsunuva1840d ago

A, AA, or AAA don't define quality, but budget. There's no definite measure of quality.

DeadlyFire1839d ago

I agree Ginsunuva. A budget usually nets a certain range of quality though in some aspects, but I still see many A and AA budget titles as great games. Look at Minecraft for example.

3-4-51840d ago

consider who we are talking about.

Name 3 games to come out of Iran ?

exactly...they are progressing and that is all that matters.

People should be happy for them.

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ironfist921840d ago

Good to see different cultures starting to make their own games. It does look Mass Effect inspired, but I'm keen to see how this turns out based on the surprisingly amazing screenshots.

TheKayle11840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

mind blowing?..under effects of drug maybe


im not against iranian gaming industry and im happy they growing and growing...:)

my comment regarded the title of the news....sure i understand its difficult to develope games over there..but u know "mind blowing" mean other things...and this dosnt mean i dont respect iranian works :)

ps. i answer here coz i have no bubble

pss. my english is broken too!

gamefa1840d ago

ok but you should looking at we are in iran & game industry in here just begun in 3 or 4 year (proffesionaly !)there is no budget in here and we are create our games when our country bycout by other countries ! so,this game & this show can blow your mind if you know about iran ! (sorry for broken english)

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The story is too old to be commented.