New Mewtwo, or is Mewthree Real?

Who else remembers the old Mewthree hoax's? comments on Pokemon myth becoming truth in Pokemon X/Y

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Root1875d ago

I think since they said it's "connected" to Mewtwo that it could be another altered version of Mew that was created by Team Rocket when they altered a pregant Mew's DNA and when the lab was destroyed they didn't know another clone survived making it look like Mewtwo was the only survivor.

"It is widely considered unique, because only one survived the cloning process before the facility in which it was created was destroyed. However, this has yet to be fully confirmed."

So it hasn't be confirmed yet


Team (Whatever they're called in X and Y) did the same thing Team Rocket did with Mewtwo. So basicaly in simple terms...

A clone of a clone....which is why it looks different

Hell maybe it's Team Rocket again maybe they come back in X and Y and they decide to start up the project again by using Mewtwos DNA.

Would be nice to have Team Rocket back since we've now moved away from colours. I hope Jessie and James are in it

secretcode1875d ago


...X and Y...


Zer0bros1875d ago

Oh wow, they're still milking Pokemon?

kirbyu1875d ago

You know what would be awesome? They bring back Missingno and make the first X/Y movie about him.

Anthotis1875d ago

Did anyone elses MissingNo evolve into Snorlax?

Pozzle1869d ago

I never evolved mine. But once I traded it to a Gold/Silver game, it came out the other end as a Maril.

Williamson1874d ago

The new pokemon gen has me really excited.

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