Antichamber vs Bioshock: Infinite – A Return to Single Player Gaming

Planet Ivy: I feel something of a fraud for commenting on the gaming industry when I haven’t bought a game this year. I’ve taken note of my game-buying behaviour over the past two decades and know that I commit to just one epic multiplayer game at a time, shunning single player experiences for their lack of everything that makes multiplayer games brilliant. To remedy this (and also because they were new, on sale and had received good reviews already) I decided to make two impulse purchases in Antichamber and Bioshock: Infinite.

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gorillabiscuits1843d ago

Antichamber is one of the most refreshing releases in recent years, I can't think of many better

bytefeast1843d ago

I could see what they're trying to do, but it's not really a classic, even for originality

appleandroid1843d ago

Bioshock: Infinite is way better then Antichamber :)

bytefeast1843d ago

Bioshock will be remembered far longer then Antichamber.

therealmccoy1843d ago

Bioshock is one of my most played games this year!

NeoTribe1842d ago

Never heard of antichamber so i suppose your prolly right.

Mouktouk1842d ago

I don't think we can even compare them. Bioshock Infinite is a game with a story, Antichamber is more an artistic experience than an actual game (I love both Bioshock Infinite and Antichamber, btw).